Eating all the foods: USA edition

Published May 24th, 2013

Welcome to what we at Student Flights HQ we hope will become a regular blog ‘Eating All the Foods’ – in which we document all of the foods that touch our lips during travel. For our first food-filled blog I get to showcase everything that ended up in my belly on my recent trip to the United States. From Disneyland fun in LA to adventures on a Contiki Western Highlights tour (more on that soon) and shopping in New York, I managed to cover a lot of ground and consume a lot of food. Here it all is in image form #noregrets


What: A hefty slice of pizza at Universal Studios

Thoughts: I knew American servings were big, but I didn't realise they'd be this big, and greasy and blergh.

Verdict: 1/5


What: Dippin' dots at Universal Studios, LA

Thoughts: These were weird yet delicious! Like tiny little balls of ice cream that were sticky cold at first then melted in your mouth. Very refreshing on a hot day.

Verdict: 4/5


What: Room service club sandwich, warm double chocolate pecan brownie and steak from Sheraton Universal, LA

Thoughts: Best steak I've ever had. Best brownie I'd like to have more of.

Verdict: 5/5


What: Salmon, cream cheese and avocado sushi with edamame from Santa Monica, LA

Thoughts: I've read LA does really good sushi. This plate did not disappoint.

Verdict: 4/5


What: Mixed box of salads from salad bar at Wholefoods in LA

Thoughts: Why does Australia not have Wholefoods! Life is so cruel sometimes. For those who have never experienced it, Wholefoods is the best supermarket/deli that you will ever go to. Where salads come in ever colour of the rainbow and just looking at the cakes will make you weak at the knees.

Verdict: 5/5


What: Pasta with bolognese sauce and a 'side' salad from a restaurant in Coronado, San Deigo

Thoughts: The servings were so big I couldn't even finish the 'side' salad let alone the pasta. Plus it was pretty average.

Verdict: 2/5


What: Frozen Margarita from Fred's Mexican Cantina in San Deigo

Thoughts: The food here was good. The drinks though were so strong and big. Maybe too strong and big - as is the case with most bars in the States. If you've going to go for a cocktail, make it a frozen one. It'll go down smoother.

Verdict: 3/5


What: Sad pancakes from a hotel in San Diego

Thoughts: Serving pancakes without ice cream should be illegal.

Verdict: 0/5


What: Sweet cream cheese filled pretzel from Seaworld, San Deigo

Thoughts: Goey and sickly sweet on the inside but savoury and doughy on the outside. Probably super unhealthy but I enjoyed it.

Verdict: 3/5


What: $7 jugs of cider at Kristys Sports Bar in San Diego

Thoughts: Cheap cider is always the best cider

Verdict: 5/5


What: McDonalds from Wallmart on our way to Phoenix

Thoughts: Pretty much the same as it is in Australia (creepy much?) but with larger portions. That drink on the left there is a 'small.'

Verdict: I liked the chips so 1/5



What: Free cherry cotton candy from the Saddle Ranch Chop House in Phoenix

Thoughts: The perfect pick-me-up before attempting a mechanical bull ride.

Verdict: 4/5


What: Breakfast quiche, chocolate croissant, apple, cheese and champagne after a Hot Air Balloon Adventure in Phoenix

Thoughts: It was all about the chocolate croissant nom nom nom!

Verdict: 3/5


What:  Fellow Contiki friend Katie holding a scarily large pizza at the Grand Canyon Lodge

Thoughts: Americans are crazy

Verdict: 2/5


What: Buffalo wings with a side of celery at the Grand Canyon Lodge

Thoughts: Why are they called Buffalo wings? And why are they served with celery?

Verdict: 3/5

What: IN-N-OUT Cheeseburger and fries served 'animal style', Kingman

Thoughts: I felt dirty afterwards...

Verdict: 3/5


What: Giant vodka cokes served in novelty shaped glasses in Old Las Vegas

Thoughts: Strong and deadly.

Verdict: 5/5


What: Hangover buffet breakfast at Harrah's, Las Vegas

Thoughts: Don't judge me.

Verdict: 4/5


What: Hangover Haagen-Daz icecream from New York New York, Las Vegas

Thoughts: I said don't judge me!

Verdict: 4/5


What: Pork and pineapple tacos from La Sandia, Washington

Thoughts: Mexican food in the States is so much better than Australia. Tears.

Verdict: 5/5


What: Granola and fresh fruit and yoghurt from Fairway Market in New York

Thoughts: It was so good I had it for breakfast every morning that I spent in NYC.

Verdict: 5/5


What: Margherita pizza pie from Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, New York

Thoughts: Cooked in a coal over and served with creamy buffalo mozzarella. No pizza will every compare to this pizza.

Verdict: 5/5


What: Pistachio home made pumoni from L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn, New York

Thoughts: Spumoni is a type of ice cream that is made with actual cream. It was pretty great.

Verdict: 4/5


What: Hipster organic chicken salad baguette from Smile to Go in New York

Thoughts: Mmmmm hipster...

Verdict: 4/5


What: Peanut Butter and Jelly Shake from Peanut Butter & Co. New York

Thoughts: Gooey and thick with a strong peanut butter flavour and tiny clumps of jelly. If you love peanut butter like me then don't miss Peanut Butter & Co.

Verdict: 5/5


What: Chicken 'n waffles, Mac and Cheese, Philly Cheese steak and other cool dishes from Stanton Social, New York

Thoughts: Located on the Lower East Side, this place was great to try some really interesting dishes as well as posh takes on all American favourites. I loved the Mac and Cheese.

Verdict: 5/5


What: Creme brulee dounut from Doughnut Plant, New York

Thoughts: Best doughnuts in the city! Highly recommend!

Verdict: 5/5


What: Bison Roadhouse Burger from Bare Burger, New York

Thoughts: Yes Bison! They even had ostrich and wild boar on the menu too. I was a little scared but it was just like a normal meat patty.

Verdict: 4/5



What: Motown and Hummingbird cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, New York

Thoughts: Because you can't go to New York without hitting up Magnolia Bakery. And yes they do live up to the hype. And I'm not even a cupcake person.

Verdict: 5/5


Lauren Burvill

Australian born but London based, I'm a sucker for big cities and small tropical islands. When travelling, I like eating like a local, dressing like a local, but staying in 5 star style. Have a travel story to share? Tweet me @laurenburvill.

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