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Top 5 water slides from around the world

Published May 8th, 2013


As far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing better than the thrill of water slide, offering a chance to give your sensible adult side the day off and let you inner-kid out for a day of squeals and laughter. The following slides are the ultimate places to do just that - don’t forget to hold your nose when you hit the water!


Image credit: BeachPark

Insano, BeachPark, Brazil

My stomach churns just looking at it. The Insano at BeachPark in Fortaleza, Brazil is the world’s highest water slide, sending brave/insane sliders down from a height of 41 metres (14 stories). Despite its mammoth height, the slide only takes five seconds to complete and will have you flying at speeds of 100 kilometres per hour. Not for the faint hearted, or those afraid of heights, or me for that matter.


Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, USA

Less about the stomach-churning thrills and more about the scenery, we love the Golden Nugget’s water slide for it’s location – inside a shark tank! As an enclosed tube, the slide runs straight through the centre of a  20,000 gallon tank that's home to all types of colourful fish as well as brown sharks, zebra sharks and nurse sharks.

The Leap of Faith, Atlantis, Bahamas

Hold on to your boardies and take the leap of faith at the Atlantis water park. Like the Golden Nugget slide and Insano combined, the Leap of Faith slide begins with a 60 foot almost-vertical drop from a famous Mayan Temple, transforming into a tube slide that goes through a shark tank.


Aqualoop, Terme 3000 water park, Slovenia

Picture it: you’re just standing there, waiting for the ride to happen. Then, all of a sudden, a trap door beneath you opens and you free-fall down a 56-foot near-vertical descent. You’re falling so fast that the slide almost loops you upside down and throws you into a pool. All of this takes place in just 7 seconds. Sound like you’re idea of fun? Then Slovenia’s Terme 3000 water park is where you need to be.


The Cyclone, Edmonton Mall World Waterpark, Canada

As Australians with pools in our backyards, there’s something quite fascinating about a water park located totally indoors. While the concept of West Edmonton Mall’s World Waterpark is a novelty in itself, the park’s Cyclone ride is the piece de resistance, featuring a 17-metre drop that forms into a loop, defying gravity in itself.


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