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5 tips for travelling with your parents

Published June 21st, 2013

Ahhh the family holiday. The thought of spending any more time than necessary with my parents as a teen used to make me shudder, but seemingly the older I get, the more I don’t mind the idea. Call me crazy, but since graduating past the age of 18 and entering adulthood, I’ve been on quite a few holidays with my parents. Not because I’m a loser (at least I hope not), but travelling with your parents has its perks; it’s cheaper, they’re much more likely to shout you dinner than your bestie and it’s much easier to shake off an argument with your dad than your boyfriend. Sure, travelling with your parents can also have its disadvantages – namely dad’s snoring and mum always putting her finger over the lens when you get her to take a photo. But there are ways to avoid going crazy and reverting back to your angsty 14-year-old self.  Let us count the ways…


Wear matching outfits with your parents like these cool cats - lol jks!

Plan ahead

It always pays to plan ahead when holidaying, but even more so if you’re travelling with your parents. Make some time to sit down together and work out your budget, the accommodation style you can both afford and things you both want to see and experience at your new destination. Granted you may run into a few disagreements but it’s better than rocking up to a backpacker lodge and having your mum complain throughout the entire stay.


Get your own space

In the same vein that two heads are better than one, two rooms are better than one when you’re travelling with your mum or dad. Even if just to have your own space (and even more so if you’re looking to party all night and sneak back in the morning), two rooms is a great way to keep the peace and avoid dad’s snoring. In many cases two separate rooms can sometimes be cheaper than one family room, so it may also be more cost effective as well.


Take a break

International travel can be tiring at the best of times, let alone when you’re travelling with your parents. For big-city holidays with plenty of things to see and do, there’s often pressure to make the most of every second and take it all in. With that pressure though comes stress and with that stress comes arguing with your parents over the littlest things. To keep the peace, take some time out to just relax and enjoy. This is your holiday after all! Sleep in. Put the kettle on and let your parents put their feet up for a moment.


Make it even

While you may not pay for everything when travelling with your parents, make sure you don’t pay for nothing. It pays, even for the sake of having it held against you in future fights, to try and make it even as much as possible. If you’re low on funds, a simple gesture can speak volumes. Treat them to dinner. Buy them souvenirs. Write them a thank you letter after the trip is over. Niceties never hurt and they’ll always make you look better than your siblings. Double win.



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