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Travel Confessions: Adventurer Monique Crabb

Published July 12th, 2013

You know how they say sometimes the best things about travel are meeting new people, well 21 year old Perth Local Monique Crabb is one of those people. Meeting her on my Contiki USA tour, Monique may have been one of the young ones but in terms of travel she’d lived longer than most of us. With a passion for Africa and exploring solo, Monique is one of the girls with a fearlessness and free-spirit about her. And so, with time to spare over a greasy lunch at In-N-Out Burger in Phoenix, I quizzed Monique on her favourite travel experiences and tips .



How many countries have you travelled to? Ten – mostly in Africa.


What are your top three favourites? Uganda, South Africa and New York.



What would be your best travel experience? When I trekked the gorillas in Uganda. I went with the tour company Acacia which are overlanders, so you go in a truck basically.


What is your craziest travel experience? When I was in Egypt, I did a Topdeck tour and we were there when all of the riots were happening. We were travelling on an overnight train and the train just stopped all of a sudden due to the riots. So we had to get off at this crazy tiny town that our guide had never been to. The locals there had never seen Caucasian people visiting before. So we got out and our tour guide was stressing. All of these locals just surrounded us and were taking photos of us and were pretty much pointing at who they wanted to take for ransom. To get out of the situation we managed to get the police to come and they escorted us out of the town. That was probably the craziest!


How many tours have you been on? Well there was that Topdeck tour and in South Africa I travelled with Volunteer Eco Students Abroad where we did a week of volunteering then a week of travel with them.

And then I’ve also travelled with Acacia (a division of Top Deck) in Africa and Contiki here in the States and then I’m set to do another Contiki tour in Mexico.


What are your tips for going on a Contiki tour? Be open to everyone. Don’t judge anyone until you really know them.


What do you like about travelling with tours? Well I like travelling by myself so I like travelling with tours so I can meet people but also have freedom to do my own thing. I do like travelling with friends but only for a short amount of time. Africa is also the perfect place to travel with a tour company I think, because you just can’t do it all by yourself.


After this trip, where do you want to travel next? I’d love to go back to Africa and then I’d love to travel around South America. If I had enough money I’d just keep travelling!





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