Eating all the foods: Cancun, Mexico edition

Published August 2nd, 2013

Yes! It’s another blog dedicated to eating all of the foods, this time in everyone’s favourite burrito-eating country, Mexico. So, before we get too excited, my Mexico ‘eating all the foods’ festival lasted only 4 days, with some of these days involving more cheeky beverages than actual food. Plus those four days were only spent in Cancun which is about as representative of local cuisine as Surfers Paradise is of Australia. But hey, I’m not going to let my yolo drunk spring break ways get in the way of a food blog am I? Nope! So here we go. Feast your eyes my friends;



What: Soft shell, shredded pork tacos

Thoughts: So, Mexican food isn’t the prettiest to look at. Case in point this plate of two, hefty filled soft tacos. The plastic plate and disco lighting probably doesn’t help either. But don’t let the smushed guacamole, soft pork and bean mixture fool you – it was yummy if a little bit soggy. Still better than any hipster burrito bar we got in Australia.

Verdict: 3/5



What: Horonitos Tequila

Thoughts: You can’t go to Mexico without having a shot of tequila can you? I’m hardly a tequila connoisseur but this recommended brand was indeed the best I’ve had by far. Despite its quality, I still had to chase it with lemon and salt, despite the waiter’s disgust. #ignoranttouristproblems

Verdict: 5/5



What: Lime Soup

Thoughts: Holy delicious Batman! I’m not really a soup kinda-gal, especially in the hot Mexican summer, but this soup was both warm and refreshing. Like a big mouthful of taco salad in liquid form. It even had little crunchy tortillas in it. Do recommend!




What: Chaya Tea

Thoughts: Not to be confused with chai tea, chaya tea comes from the Chaya plant that is very much loved in the Maya region. Often heralded as the region’s ‘miracle plant,’ ingesting Chaya is said to help with digestion, blood circulation, weight lost, lower cholesterol and becoming more sexy in general. Actually, I can’t really back that last one up, but I can vouch that it tastes very refreshing, but maybe a bit sweet for some palettes. Kind of like if lime cordial and Lipton’s ice tea were stirred in together and given some healthy properties.




What: Lots of yum

Thoughts: On this plate of Mexican happiness we have the typical refried beans, rice, soft taco, chicken Mexican style, a really yummy hard shell tarco that was wrapped up like a spring roll, and that flat white rectangle covered in sauce is a cornmeal tamale, which I wasn’t entirely a fan of.




What: Buffet breakfast - cancun style

Thoughts: In case you hadn’t noticed, Mexican’s love a buffet. Or at least, all of the really touristy places I went to in Mexico, love a buffet. Which is totally fine by me because I too love a buffet, especially of the breakfast variety. I of course had two helpings, making sure to try an equal range of local food as well as pancakes with peanut butter, because peanut butter should go with everything am I right? Anyway, on the first plate we have pancakes, waffles, rockmelon, guava (delicious), dragon fruit (super yum) and the weird prickly pear which is like the love child of the pear and passionfruit – but not in a good way.



On the second plate we have pancakes again (don’t judge me), some yummy sweet French pastry, ‘hash browns’ – which were really just small bits of roasted potato (so not a hash brown), sausage and the best thing on the menu – fried plantains, the banana’s yummier, fried cousin.



What: Chorizo Quesadillas

Thoughts: So I don’t think the humble chorizo is really a native meat to Mexico, but who am I to turn down a delicious sausage? Ingredients aside, these quesadillas were legit. Almost too legit to quit actually. Small, crispy, not too much filling and interestingly, only a little bit of cheese! Super cheesy Australian Mexican joints take note!



What: Tortilla chips and dip

Thoughts: Not only was this the most colourful meal of my quick Cancun adventure – but it was also the best. Seriously, Doritos have got nothing on these pretty coloured chips. Super crunchy and totally yummy, I would have happily eaten them by themselves, but then again who can pass up salsa and guacamole? Real salsa and guacamole at that. The black sauce may look like soy sauce but it was indeed the spiciest sauce I’ve ever tried. Wash it down with some tequila and you’re good to go. Arriba!


What: Candy!

Thoughts: Ok so pretzel M&Ms and Milkways might not be Mexican but they were still an enjoyable meal on my long journey back to Australia. And it also came with some surprises. Like, did you know American Milky Ways have caramel in them and are really just like Australian Mars Bars? Madness!



What: More sugar!

Thoughts: So I didn’t actually eat all of these sugary treats, but I did get a kick out of looking at them. Judging from their supermarket aisles, Mexicans LOVE sugary sweet biscuits with cream fillings. It gives me a tooth ache just thinking about it.


Lauren Burvill

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