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Travel Confessions: Backpacker Daniel Goeschl on his Red Centre adventure

Published August 5th, 2013

It’s kind of ironic really, how most travellers to Australia’s red centre are usually foreigners. While plenty of us Aussies would love to see Uluṟu, the famed natural wonder usually finds its way to the bottom of our travel list for more further afield journeys.


Daniel Goeschl’s story and incredible pictures are bound to change your mind and your travel list though. As a 24 year old physics student, Daniel hails from the Sound of Music land of Austria (although he admits he’s never actually done the tour), and came out to Australia to continue his study his masters at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. Since being her for six months, he’s covered a lot of the country, including the magnificent red centre.



“While I’ve been in Australia, apart from studying, I’ve travelled to Melbourne, along the Great Ocean Road, Adelaide, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Glass House Mountains, Byron Bay, Sydney, Toowoomba and the Red Centre. Out of all of them, I really liked the Red Centre and the Great Ocean Road.”



“I flew into Alice Springs and then joined a one day tour to the MacDonnell Ranges, and then joined a three day tour to Uluru, King’s Canyon and the Olgas in Kata-Tjuta National Park. I didn’t really have any expectations of the trip before I left. I was supposed to go with a friend but she got sick and so I had to go by myself. I was worried that going by myself it might be a bit boring. Just hanging out in a backpackers and that’s it. But when I got there I decided to join a three day camping trip, which turned out to be really fun.”



“Alice Springs is so different to Brisbane and Sydney and all the big towns. It’s just this tiny town. While we were there we went camel riding. There was also a camel race on as well - the biggest event in Northern Territory called the Camel Cup. It was really cool. You can’t really race camels. They’re too stubborn. One actually stopped and turned around."



“On the first day we drove to the MacDonnell Rangers. We travelled on a mini bus with a trailer on the back with all the camping gear and cooked food on the camp fire that night. My favourite part of the trip was camping outside. I just had a swag and sleeping bag. There was no light around and so we could see all the stars and the Milky Way, which was amazing. During the day it was up to 26 degrees but at night it got down to zero degrees.”



“After the ranges I went on a 3 day camping trip to King’s Canyon, Uluṟu and the Olgas. Again we travelled by bus with about 20 other people so it was a nice opportunity to meet people if you’re travelling alone.”



“Some of the scenery reminded me of the southern states of America. The days hiking were quite physical. You definitely need good hiking boots – no thongs! A hat and sunscreen are also essentials.”



“We watched the sun rise and set at Uluṟu. It changes colour depending on where the sun is which is really cool. We had to get up very early to see the sun rise. You can actually still climb the rock, but they don’t encourage you too. It’s a sacred place, so it’s better just to look at it.”


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