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4 ways to make the most of your mid-semester break

Published September 2nd, 2013

True or false: the mid-semester uni break is a dedicated week for wearing out highlighters, adding an extra thousand post-its to hefty textbooks and trawling through lecture slides on the hunt for subliminal exam hints. If you answered “true”, then close down this internet browser immediately and get to it! Now that the squares have retreated to their study dens jittering with the Red Bull shakes, you and I can talk serious business (and look at Ryan Gosling).



Thanks Ryan. So anyway, as I was saying - you need a holiday. No, you deserve one. Dragging yourself to all those early morning lectures in a cider-fuelled haze, doing your civil duty by encouraging social cohesiveness at the uni bar, foregoing sleep the night before an assignment to *cough* “finish it” – you’ve earned this. Go on, take the week bridging September and October and treat yo self to some good times.



AFL Grand Final, Melbourne

Wait, there’s an AUSTRALIAN Football League? Word on the street is there’s going to be a pretty big game on September 28. Timing, right? Kick off the mid-sem break like a true-blue VB-drinking Aussie battler by making your way to Melbourne to watch teams score points at a stadium for the Grand Final or, as they say in Italian, “grande finale”. It’s at the MCG, which I am told stands for Melbourne Cricket Ground. Apparently they play AFL there too. What I do know for certain is that Melbourne is pretty boss. Espresso-soaked laneways, trams, beachside ‘burbs, boutiques, oodles of cultural happenings – Melbourne’s got it all. There are worse places to spend your mini-holiday. Like Adelaide (just kidding). Yeah sports!


Art & About, Sydney

If you’re wandering about Sydney’s public spaces in September/October and happen across a giant, neon snail DON’T FREAK OUT, MAN! It’s cool, we see them too. When spring has sprung, Sydney’s streets will become a canvas for artists of every ilk to make their mark through visual design, dance, music, cinema and really big snails. Art & About kicks off on September 20 with a whole bunch of (free!) stuff to see and do during the break in Darlinghurst, Paddington, Potts Point, Hyde Park, Surry Hills and all across the CBD. If being serenaded by The Break – a combined effort featuring members of Midnight Oil, Hunters and Collectors and The Violent Femmes – sounds like your kind of thang, get yourself to Sydney quick smart.



Australian University Games, Gold Coast

41 universities, 31 sports, 6,500 students: this is happening. If your only form of battle with rival universities has been creating slightly amusing but mostly sad memes and posting them on Facebook groups, kick it up a notch at the Australian University Games ya’ll! Beyond the “serious” sports like golf, swimming and other dull things, you can also try your hand or lend your support to badminton, judo, lawn bowls, table tennis and tenpin bowling. It would be a fair assumption to say the Uni Games are a little more liberal on the extracurricular activities than the Olympics. This is the Gold Coast, after all – the notorious playground of both schoolies and toolies alike. Ah, the circle of life.


World of WearableArt, Wellington

If you thought a week wasn’t enough time to squeeze in a trip abroad you were horribly, horribly wrong. Visiting our South Pacific sister from another mister is oftentimes cheaper and quicker than visiting certain domestic destinations – sorry Perth, but you know. New Zealand’s capital city “Windy Welly” is a hip little hangout hosting the annual World of WearableArt Awards Show. Over 11 days, a crowd just shy of 50,000 fashionable folk will descend onto Wellington amidst a flurry of tulle and taffeta to see the best avant garde garbs from around the globe. Get your stylish self to Wellington this September and witness the exquisite collision of fashion, art and theatre where the couture is extra haute.

Ashton Rigg

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