Losing my V plates with Virgin Atlantic

Published October 21st, 2013

Everyone has a first time. And my first trip with Virgin Atlantic was great. Believe me; I’ve flown with some doozies. There was the small Soviet plane from Cancun to Havana where the luggage was loaded onto the aircraft behind the seats. The flight from Bombay to Calcutta when smoking on planes was still permitted (whoever thought burning objects and smoke on an airplane was a good idea?). And the 16-hour long-haul trip with a broken seat-back screen. You get the drift.


Another drink? Don't mind if I do!


It wasn’t that way with Virgin Atlantic. Flying from Sydney to Hong Kong, I had so much to keep me occupied I didn’t even glance at the cover of the glossies I picked up in the airport prior to boarding. In Economy seating, the Virgin Atlantic experience starts with a welcome fruity cocktail (or mocktail) and free drinks throughout your flight. There’s also a choice of 3 complimentary 3-course meals (and if you’re a vego like me, you’ll get served before the hoi polloi – and my travel partner!), including an ice-cream or dessert plus mid-flight snacks.


Seating-wise, there’s a seat pitch of 31 inches (79 centimetres) plus pillows and blankets to keep you comfy. To step off the plane like a celeb, you get an amenity kit with ear plugs, an eye mask, pen, socks and toothbrush and toothpaste to ensure you arrive minty fresh and in mint condition at your destination.


But, let’s talk about the entertainment options onboard that kept me glued to a 9-inch seat-back screen for almost 9 hours. There’s over 50 flicks (new releases and indie faves), a smorgasbord of TV shows,  inflight gaming and more than 150 albums to feast your eyes and ears on. And if you like the look of the hottie in seat 40D, those flirty types at Virgin allow you to stalk text them via seat-to-seat chat to broadcast your feelings. Or charge or connect your own smartphone, tablet, iPod, SLR or can’t-live-without gadget to the USB port.


Something else to note – Vivienne Westwood has designed the sharp new Virgin Atlantic uniform to be rolled out in 2014. More eye candy!


Cassandra Laffey

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