Top 4 outdoor activities to try on the Gold Coast

Published October 23rd, 2013

Once you’ve had your fill of surf breaks and sun lounges (and sand in your cossie), check out these adrenalin-pumping outdoor activities on your Gold Coast holiday.



SkyPoint Climb

Billed as a high-energy adventure climb at the Gold Coast’s tallest point and Australia’s highest external building climb, strap in for a trip to the top of the Q1 in Surfers Paradise. You’ll get to don a sexy grey climb suit and a full-body harness attached to a safety rail before scaling 298 steps to the 270 metre-high platform! And forget Dutch courage, there’s a breath test before you go.

Where: Level 77, Q1 Resort, Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise



Trix Circus

If you’ve ever dreamt of joining Cirque de Soleil, try your hand at the flying trapeze at Trix Circus. A 2-hour trapeze lesson will take you through all the moves on the ground, before you climb up the ladder, step out onto the 9 metre-high platform, and tackle the equipment. Take a swing in the air secure in the knowledge there’s a safety harness and net to catch you if you fall!

Where: Australian Stunt Academy, 7027 Southport-Nerang Road, Nerang



Gold Coast Skydive

There’s nothing like feeling the breeze in your hair, and your skin flapping around your face, as you hurtle from the sky on a tandem skydive. Just like your fave action hero, (while harnessed to your tandem instructor) you’ll get to jump 4,000 metres from a plane that takes off from Gold Coast International Airport before landing on the sand at Kirra Beach. No sweat.

Where: 1/78 Musgrave Street, Kirra



Surfers Paradise Jetpack Centre

Now this is really super fly! Fly 10 metres into the sky with a water-powered jetpack. The space-age harness straps to your back and pressure from the water jets allows you to hover, go backwards, turn, and shoot up high or down low with instructions from your instructor via in-helmet headphones. Forgo the bevvies before you go as there’s a zero alcohol reading for safety reasons.

Where: Budds Beach, River Drive, Surfers Paradise


Cassandra Laffey

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