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Travel Confessions: Molten Store director Jessy Cameron

Published November 11th, 2013

Professional bowerbird Jessy Cameron has turned her eye for the exquisite and ephemeral into online destination Molten Store ( with a carefully considered selection of covetable items, otherworldly jewellery and curious gifts collated and inspired by  her travels abroad. Student Flights talks to Jessy about her latest buying trip in Hong Kong and her must-have travel tips.



How would you describe Molten Store?
Molten Store exists to inspire and delight vagabonds, dreamers, and the bohemian-at-heart. We offer an array of travel-inspired finds, from trinket necklaces and embellished clutches to whimsical stationery and poetic fragrances.


Where has Molten Store taken you overseas?
Since our launch in July 2011, Molten Store has sent me to Bali, Paris and Hong Kong.


Moon Street in Hong Kong


You recently came back from a buying trip to Hong Kong - what were your highlights?
Hong Kong is a breathtaking city. I love the pace; it’s chaotic and calm in the same measure. I’m a bowerbird by nature, so I love the markets. I found beautiful polka dot ribbon at the markets in Central, a tasselled jewellery box at the Temple Street Night Market, and countless little trinkets at the Ladies Market. I spent hours wandering through the Flower Market too; the scent was amazing!


Did you discover any hidden gems in Hong Kong?
The nook between Star Street and Moon Street in Wan Chai was my favourite destination. If you visit, be sure to visit the Monocle boutique and Odd One Out, a gallery that houses intricate prints with a few jewels added for good measure.


Coins in Hong Kong


How does travel inspire you and your business?
Travel is at the heart of Molten Store’s unique offering. Our goodies are like little travel relics from a journey of the mind; they’re like honorary souvenirs that hint at the vacation you’ve always wanted to take.

What are some of the favourite places you've been to?
The Ardeche in the south of France is beautiful. During our most recent visit, we stayed in a 200-year-old farmhouse that belonged to a famous French film director. The house was filled with memorabilia and photographs of him on set all over the world with actors; it was such an interesting homage to his life’s work. Best of all, it was a two-minute walk from the town square, which housed the best flea market I’ve ever been to in my life.

Prior to launching Molten Store, my partner Kevin (Columbu) and I visited Prague for a few days in between a month in Paris and a month in London. We booked the trip on a whim and were astounded by the beauty of the old city.  Each ancient building was painted a sherbet hue, from pastel peach to mint green, and in the middle of the town stood a 400-year-old cuckoo clock that resembled something from Disneyland. Amazing.


Ceramics in Hong Kong


What do you always pick up in a new place?
Jewellery! There’s always room in my suitcase for a necklace or a cuff, whether it’s something I plan to wear, display on my wall, or sample as inspiration for a new design.


Where's a place with great style?
The Marais in Paris is a wonderful destination for people watching. Slightly upscale with a dose of bohemian influence added for good measure, it’s one of the most stylish places I’ve visited.



What is your dream destination?
Morocco is on my dream list. My partner’s family has houses there and speak about it so fondly. I’d love to experience the country for myself.


What's your ideal road-trip/travel soundtrack?
If I’m road tripping, I’ll tune the radio in to a local station (AM, preferably). If I’m travelling, I use my Shazam app to note music that I hear in cafes or boutiques; I like the idea of new music as a souvenir.


Ribbons in Hong Kong


Any tips for travel?
Learn the basics of the local language. Simple phrases like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ often surprise and delight foreigners who appreciate the effort.




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