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Student Flights 2013 snapshot

Published December 25th, 2013

As  the door closes on 2013 and we prepare to say ‘hey’ to 2014, here at Student Flights HQ, we're reflecting on the year that was in travel. A year of partying on tropical beaches, heading to music festivals at home and OS, taking a bite out of the Big Apple, treading the well-worn way to London on a working holiday, seeing Paris for the first time and even taking a short break around Australia. Yep, 2013 was a pretty epic year for us and you, our fab Student Flights travellers, so here’s a breakdown of where we went and what we did to whet your travel appetite for next year!



Top 5 overseas destinations


  1. London
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Bali
  4. New York
  5. Paris


Aussies have been winging their way to London on a working holiday since your grandparents were Mods, so it’s no surprise Mother England is still a popular spot for young ‘uns to head. The UK is the ideal base to earn some quid and travel around Europe to festivals and major events as well as soaking up the awesome atmosphere of edgy London Town. Of course, we like La La Land as well for all the over-the-top, only-in-America shenanigans and as a gateway to the rest of the 49 mainland states.


Top 5 domestic destinations


  1. Sydney
  2. Melbourne
  3. Gold Coast
  4. Brisbane
  5. Perth


No surprises that Sydney is our fave spot to visit in Australia. With awesome beaches, a pumping after-hours scene and scenic sights (not to mention the shopping!), Sydney is the Aussie hostess with the mostest. Not to stir up any Sydney/Melbourne rivalries, but Team Melbourne comes in not too far behind at number 2 on our list of top domestic destinations. And as our unofficial capital of culture, Melbourne has plenty to offer visitors too!



Cities vs beaches

Looks like bright lights and big cities are the preferred destination for Student Flights travellers with three times as many flights booked to capitals around the world than overseas beach locales between November 2012 and November 2013. When we are looking for surf, sand and sun, we like Bali, Fiji, Phuket and Honolulu. For big cities? It’s gotta be Noo Yawk, London, LA and Paree - sounds like a rap song!



Europe vs Asia

Maybe it’s because of our isolation, but despite our proximity to Asia, Europe trumps our neighbours for fave holiday destinations despite the epic long-haul flight. Top Euro spots to go to in 2013 included London, Paris, Dublin, Athens and Rome. In Asia, we were keen on Bali, Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New Delhi and Manila. Maybe break up the big trip with an extended  stopover in Asia next time? Best of both worlds, really!



Cassandra Laffey

Consumed with unrequited wanderlust, I get my fix in 24/7 cities and hippie retreats. I'm still looking for the ultimate combo of secluded beach and major metropolis, and my happy place is a 5-star hotel room all to myself - sigh.