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Quiz: Australia Day - How Aussie are you?

Published January 27th, 2014

Are you enjoying your Australia Day long weekend? We are. Here at Student Flights HQ we love an extended weekend (who doesn’t?) and a bit of travel trivia, so in honour of the national holiday we’ve turned the spotlight onto Australia to test your general knowledge about our sunburnt country. So, grab a stubbie, crank up the Triple J Hottest 100 and put pen to paper to see where you rate on the Aussie scale of awesomeness.



Complete this sentence. Summer Bay is…

A)     Where Alf, Ailsa, Irene, Leah, Marilyn and the River Boys hang out at the beach, surf club and caravan park.

B)      The setting of Aussie reality soap show Home & Away filmed at Sydney’s Palm Beach, Fisherman’s Beach and Collaroy.

C)      A fictional place near Ramsey Street.

D)     A beach, duh!


Patriotic pluggers


Which one of these ‘Aussie’ celebs was born in Australia?

A)     Russell Crowe

B)      Tom Cruise

C)      Prince Frederik

D)     None of the above



Which one of these statements is true?

A)     Stubbies can be drunk or worn

B)      Australia is the only country to eat its national emblems

C)      Vegemite tastes like a mixture of salt and battery acid

D)     A thong is a kind of footwear


Ugg boots and tracky dacks - the perfect pair


What is the correct translation for this sentence, “Kazza and Shazza went to the Bottle-o after a Maccas run.”?

A)     Karen and Sharon went to the drive-through bottle shop after picking up some food from McDonald’s.

B)      Kazza and Shazza are training for a marathon.

C)      Kazza and Shazza are picking up bottles for recycling.

D)     Kazza and Shazza are aliases for WikiLeaks staffers.


Bronze and beautiful - and that's just the beach


What is the Australian national anthem?

A)     “True Blue”

B)      “Down Under”

C)      “Waltzing Matilda”

D)     That one with “girt by sea” in the lyrics.


If you scored:

Mostly AsYou flamin’ galah! You’re a walking talking example of ockerdom. You have a clear sense of what is un-Australian and you’re not shy about sharing your views about it on talkback radio. Embrace your inner bogan and wear your Southern Cross tattoo and ugg boots with pride, but make sure you get out and actually see Australia this year!


Mostly BsYou may not be all out ocker, but you are proud to be Australian and know that understated is the Aussie way. You’ve done a working holiday, but still call Australia home. Load up on TimTams, Twisties and Violet Crumble while planning your next overseas trip.


Mostly CsAussie born and bred but with a dodgy accent from living in London for the past decade? Mate, Earl’s Court is not a substitute for Bondi Beach. Do yourself a favour and come home for a decent beer and a takeaway pad thai already.


Mostly DsShame, mate, shame. Denouncing your Australian roots is downright un-Australian. Forget the cultural cringe and embrace all that is daggy about our sunburnt country. Being Australian in Hollywood is so hot right now, dontcha know?


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