Quiz: What's your ideal adventure tour destination?

Published February 5th, 2014

Got the back-to-work blahs and it’s only January? You’re not alone. The post-Christmas holiday comedown followed by a couple of long weekends means we’re not quite ready to tackle that inbox and to-do list just yet. If your mind is wandering, why not join it and take your whole body on an adventure and activities quest somewhere amazing overseas in the great outdoors? The only question is: which vacation and location is right for you? Take our fun quiz to determine your ideal adventure tour destination.



Your idea of roughing it is…

A)  Breathing in a lungful of dust in your shelter constructed of jungle foliage while wild creatures slumber nearby.

B)   Surveying historic sites on an eco-friendly trek with sustainable camping practices and fair trading initiatives with local communities.

C)   Soaking up the culture in scenic coastal areas and island locations while staying in hotels (at least 3-star, darling).

D)   Roadtrippin’ on a highway then pitching a tent and toasting s’mores on an open campfire at a campsite with awesome facilities.

E)   Staying in basic hotel accommodation in an exotic location in order to immerse yourself in the culture and cuisine because it’s all about the experience.



What items do you always take with you on holiday?

A)  My razor-sharp wits and triple-strength mosquito repellent.

B)  I pack light and leave no carbon footprints.

C)  My hair straightener, a travel candle and matching luggage.

D)  My iPod, acoustic guitar and a photo of my gran.

E)  A guidebook and smartphone loaded with restaurant apps.



If you could be anyone, you’d like to be…

A)  Bear Grylls – he can survive with just a shoelace and a teabag.

B)  Angelina Jolie – her charity work is so inspiring.

C)  Kim Kardashian – she always looks so polished, even while travelling.

D)  Superman – mild-mannered Clark Kent by day, wholesome superhero in disguise.

E)  Jamie Oliver – he gets to cook, eat and travel the world!



When camping, your favourite meal to eat is…

A)  Whatever I have hunted, trapped and lugged back to the campsite.

B)  Locally sourced foraged grains, fruits and vegetables – all organic and sustainably farmed, of course.

C)  Camping? What’s camping?

D)  Burgers in toasted buns, hot dogs with the lot and s’mores roasted on the campfire.

E)  A takeaway selection of regional dishes from a local restaurant renowned for its authentic cuisine.



What’s your sartorial signature on holidays?

A)  Khaki and camo everything – even my underwear.

B)  Organic cotton separates in grey marle and a fedora.

C)  Top-to-toe resortwear including espadrilles and designer sunnies.

D)  Denim cut-offs, logo tees and sneakers.

E)  My eating pants.


If you scored:

Mostly AsAfrica is your adventure holiday destiny. Tick off the Big 5 on a safari trek through southern Africa or venture through the desert traversing rivers, waterfalls and national parks. Acacia Africa has awesome deals so you can go wild on your holiday with all the little details taken care of.


Mostly Bs South America is your spiritual guide. You could be gazing down upon the amazing ruins of Machu Picchu after an epic trek along the Inca Trail, or learning to salsa in Cuba with a mojito in hand. Exodus is all about creating amazing experiences with an environmentally responsible policy.


Mostly CsEurope is your continental counterpart. If you like to see the sights in style, a cycle tour around the beautiful Dalmatian coastline in Croatia allows you to sightsee at your pace with comfy accommodation on the side, thanks to Exodus tours. Look good, feel good while you island hop.


Mostly DsNorth America is your BFF. Outdoor activities await you in the Canadian Rockies or the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park in the US of A. Small groups of like-minded folk on TrekAmerica tours mean epic road trips and plenty of campsite hijinks. “This one time on camp...”.


Mostly EsAsia is your wine-pairing match. If you love good food and hunger for an authentic cultural experience, you can sample your way through the history, traditions and, yes, cuisine on an Exodus small group tour of Sri Lanka or other Asian destinations for the ultimate #foodporn updates.


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Cassandra Laffey

Consumed with unrequited wanderlust, I get my fix in 24/7 cities and hippie retreats. I'm still looking for the ultimate combo of secluded beach and major metropolis, and my happy place is a 5-star hotel room all to myself - sigh.