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10 do-before-you-die adventures

Published March 10th, 2014

Whether you’re a desk jockey or a real jockey, any holiday is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and try something new. Sure you could book a cooking course in Italy, go on a Segway tour in San Fran or hey, go all out and get your hair braided on the beach in Bali, but what about a real, life-changing experience? One that grabs you by the throat and the pants and takes you on a full-throttle adventure that’s way out of your comfort zone. We’re not advocating anything dangerous or illegal (like, that would be totes cray cray), but while you still have a pulse, here’s our list of 10 do-before-you-die adventures to try. Go on, we double dare you!



1. Quad biking in Cairns

So. Much. Fun. Rip it up in Tropical Far North Queensland on an ATV through dense rainforest, muddy creek beds and heaps of challenging and fun terrain – it’s nature’s obstacle course. It’s going to get wet, muddy and oh-so dirty but strap in for a wild ride – no experience necessary!

Fear factor: Depends how exxy your clothes are!



2. Touring the desert by camel at Ayers Rock

Did you know there are around 300,000 feral camels in the outback? Luckily the ones you’ll ride on an Uluru tour won’t go charging off into the sunset with you on board. Get on your friendly dromedary and traipse around the desert to see the landscape from a unique vantage point.

Fear factor: Minimal – just watch out for the camel spit.



3. Tandem skydiving in Byron Bay

Most people come to Byron to surf, sun themselves and sip green smoothies. Forget that. It’s probably best to jump out of a plane on an empty stomach anyway. From 4,500 metres up, you’ll get a real bird’s eye view of the lush hinterland and rolling surf on your way down to the drop zone.

Fear factor: Pretty high (geddit?)



4. Cage diving with sharks in Cape Town

Let’s be honest here. Sharks scare the bejesus out of most people but fascinate and repel in equal measures. Cape Town is known to have one of the densest populations of the great white shark so it’s the best spot to suit up and get into a wireframe cage to get up close and personal.

Fear factor: Umm. Do we really need to answer that?



5. Bunjy jumping off a bridge in Queenstown

Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of the world and the home of bungy jumping so it’s the fitting place to jump off a bridge – while tied up, of course. The 47-metre Kawarau Bridge Bungy also offers tandem bungy jumps into the river if you want to share the spills and thrills with a friend.

Fear factor: Heights + dangling over water = you do the math!



6. Snorkelling in Langkawi

Don your mask and flippers and fin your way through the underwater world of Pulau Payar Marine Park off Langkawi Island in Malaysia. So far, so tame. How about feeding baby blacktip reef sharks? It’s an unforgettable experience where you can also get to swim among the not-so scary fishies.

Fear factor: OK, so the ickle baby sharks still have teeth!



7. Learning to surf in Hawaii

Hawaii is THE place to hang ten with some of the world’s biggest swells but there’s also some calm breaks where you can learn to surf too. Head to the island of Kauai to get to grips with the basics of your board, standing up and catching a wave. You’ll be hooked before you know it.

Fear factor: Not being able to carry your own surfboard. Oh the shame…



8. 4WD touring on Fraser Island

The world’s largest sand island is custom-made for 4WD touring. Get onboard a guided 4WD tour to check out the island and inland sights like the clear blue Lake McKenzie perched on high sand dunes, the long stretch of 75 Mile Beach and Hammerstone Sandblow – a large dune above Lake Wabby.

Fear factor: Nil, unless you have eremikophobia (a fear of sand).



9. Jungle trekking in Thailand

If you think of Thailand as bright lights Bangkok and beachy keen islands, the hill tribe experience will open your eyes to another side of this popular Asian country. A trek through dense jungle trails will bring you to remote villages, hidden temples and cascading waterfalls for the real Thai deal.

Fear factor: Three words – bandits, poppies and protests. Be vigilant.



10. Island-hopping by sail boat in the Whitsundays

See the Great Barrier Reef as you should – on the water. Get amongst the white sand, crystal-clear water and aquatic life and go island hopping in the Whitsundays on an all-inclusive guided sailing trip. Check out Whitehaven Beach – one of the most beautiful in the world – and snorkel in the reef.

Fear factor: Depends. Watch out for irukandji, box jellyfish and blue ringed octopi. It is Australia after all!


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