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Savvy travel savings for students and under 26s

Published March 7th, 2014

They (the oldies) say youth is wasted on the young, but we beg to differ. What we may lack in knowledge, we more than make up for in enthusiasm. Your teens and twenties is when you’ve got no responsibilities and heaps of free time when you’re not studying or working (plus all your hair), which means us yoof have the freedom to travel and experience the world #yolo. You may not have racked up many years on your chronological odometer,  however it’s this very same low reading that means freebies, discounts and heaps of cool stuff, just for being you.

So, if you’re aged under 26 or a full-time student – lucky you!  Here’s some of the awesome travel savings you can bag, just for being your awesome self. Now that’s smart!


Save serious dosh just for being a student, teacher or aged under 26! Yessss!


Student discount cards

First things first; if you are a student or aged under 26 years, make sure you buy an International Student Exchange Card (ISE Card) before you head overseas. Valid for one year, this nifty ID card is your ticket to heavily discounted accommodation in hostels and hotels, meal deals, nightclub entry, adventure tours and heaps more. It’s accepted worldwide and also gets you emergency assistance, medical benefits and more.


Student airfares

Psst. Want to know how to nab under-the-counter airfare deals with top-shelf airlines? To save serious moolah on international flights to heaps of awesome destinations, get acquainted with our Black Market Flights. These exclusive cheap flights are available to anyone aged under 26, full-time students and teachers too. You can get sweet deals on one-way airfares, return flights and even round-the-world tickets. Some of the amazing places you can go for a steal include London, Paris, LA, Bali and much, much more.


Bus and rail passes

From Europe to Asia plus North America and South America too, there’s heaps of flexible hop-on, hop-off options to get you from A to B with bus and rail passes. Students can get a sweet 15 percent discount on Amtrak rail passes and under 25s can nab hefty savings on VIA Rail Canada passes. Want to go around Europe? Under 25s get a 35 percent discount on Eurail passes, which includes other transport and accommodation savings too. How about getting around the UK? National Express offers the Young Persons Coachcard with 1/3 off standard fares for under-26s and full-time students.


City passes

If you’re planning on spending a decent amount of time in a city while you’re travelling, it’s worth scoping out what discounts are available for attractions, public transport and more. City cards generally come in single or multi-day adult passes and offer up to 50 percent off or free entry to most major attractions – once you’ve purchased the card. This handy piece of plastic may also get you free public transport and allow you to skip the queues at must-see attractions.


Free entry to attractions

Wherever you go, you’ll find major museums and art galleries offer free admission on certain days and for students or those aged under 26. Just show your ID and you can peruse the priceless pieces for free! Did you know the Louvre in Paris is free on Fridays from 6pm to 9:45pm for under-26s, London’s V&A Museum is always free, and the Vatican Museums are free on the last Sunday of each month? Do your research before you go to find out when you can visit the sights on your wish list for free.


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