Top to tail Business Class


Buddy up in business class

Published April 1st, 2014

From the back end of the plane, things sure do look good in business class. Gourmet a la carte meals by celeb chefs, seats that convert into a fully flat bed, heaps of bevvies, top-of-the-range AVOD entertainment options, the space to stretch out in privacy, luxury amenities and even access to club lounges and executive spa treatments on the ground  - just for having that business class ticket.



Want to fly at the pointy end of the plane too, but don’t have the coin to cough up for your own business class seat?  Well, how about sharing the cost? You don’t have to be a high-flying exec to travel business class anymore. Student Flights has a new deal to shake up those stuffy seating rules for a two-for-one travel deal with a difference. If you’ve got a travelling partner, then we’ve got a deal for you.


How about the opportunity to fly overseas by sharing a business class seat with a friend? From April 1, 2014, Student Flights will introduce the new top-to-tail business class seat category where you can share a lie-flat bed in business class to get a first-rate travel experience at a backpacker-friendly price. That’s all the luxuries on travelling in business class on a premium airline at half the seat cost.


This world-first arrangement is ideal for travellers on a budget who don’t mind getting a little up close and personal with their holiday companion. If you share a hostel bed and sleep on trains and buses with your travelling mate, why not share the cost of a business class seat with them? To maximise the space, we’ve found a top-to-toe arrangement works best to share the lie-flat seat between two passengers.


Want to know more about this brand-new seat category for Student Flights? Head here for all the deets.


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