Royal baby


Student Flights' top 10 Aussie experiences for the royals

Published April 13th, 2014

The British royals are coming! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and son, a.k.a. Kate, Will and baby George, touch down on Wednesday, April 16 and embark on a heavily orchestrated tour of the country that includes stops in Sydney, Brisbane, Uluru and Canberra. In honour of their arrival, the Student Flights team has put together a list of the top 10 true blue Aussie experiences the royals shouldn’t miss while visiting Australia.



1. Survive a night at an outback pub

Get a fair dinkum induction into Australian culture at an iconic outback watering hole where the locals are happy to spin yarns over a cold one.


2. Participate in some Aussie games

Put a wager on a game of two-up on Anzac Day or witness a race involving any of our ugliest pests likes roaches and toads.


3. Come face-to-face with the native wildlife

A tank dive with saltwater crocs in Darwin, or a cage dive with sharks in South Australia will test the royal nerve.


4. Get dolled up for a day at the races

Check out the punters in their finest glad rags for a level of sophistication that may be missing at Royal Ascot.


5. Have a barbie at the beach

 Australians take barbecuing seriously, but some steak and snags washed down with a tinnie will do.


6. Hit the road to visit one of our giant Australiana representations

Everything from a big prawn, pineapple, banana and ram to a giant guitar, avocado and mango decorate our nation’s highways.


7. Catch a footy game

 Head to the stadium and see Australian sporting greats in action at a rugby league, union or Aussie rules match.


8. Swap 5-star accommodation for a night under the stars

Pick a campground and pitch a tent -  just don’t forget the bug spray and keep the sleeping bags rolled up tight.


9. Barefoot bowls

As much for the atmosphere and socialising with mates as the cheap drinks.


10. Indulge in the local cuisine

The menu should feature meat pies, burgers with beetroot and egg, Fantales, fairy bread, Cherry Ripe, chiko rolls, Tim Tams, roast lamb, Weet-Bix, Anzac biscuits, seafood and Vegemite.  At least.



Laura Carlin

Give me big cities and culture over nature and wide open spaces any day, with the exception of a white sandy beach of course. Consider me a traveller with champagne tastes on a beer budget; I'd love my time overseas to be more glamorous than it often is. When in a new city you'll find me exploring the back streets to discover hidden gems by day and chatting with the locals with a drink in hand by night.