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Round the World with Chris Arnold: The recap

Published May 1st, 2014

For our final catch-up with Student Flights client and round-the-world champion Chris Arnold, we discuss the ‘best of’ his trip, where he’d like to visit again, why travelling solo has its advantages, and some photography tips from the pro for getting those perfect holiday happy snaps. Just to recap: Chris managed to touch down in 11 countries, visiting 16 cities in 35 days with little more than our Black Market Flights airfare, a passport and his camera… and lived to tell the tale. In fact, he even pulled together this incredible and inspiring film to capture his whirlwind adventure. Turn up the sound, press play, and take a spin around the world with Chris Arnold


Chris in London


In short:


The best meal I had… was pork chops at a friend’s house in Portland. Home cooked and just amazing.


The strangest thing I saw was… parts of Amsterdam. Let’s leave it at that.


The best place to shop was… America for how cheap everything is.


The best airline I flew with was… Qantas for the flight back from Dubai. Hearing that accent again is pretty nice


The most impressive building I saw… had to be the Burj Khalifa, closely followed by the opera house in Oslo.


The best skyline I saw… was New York – the view across from Brooklyn is incredible.


My best encounter with nature was… seeing some of the interesting characters near Chinatown in downtown Manhattan.


My best airline meal was… some sort of omelette dish on Qantas.


The worst airport was… Copenhagen, as it was one of the few times I had to wait to get through security


That time I got lost in… Utrecht was intentional, and absolutely incredible.


Smooth as Swiss


And some questions:


Of all the cities and countries you visited, which you most like to visit again?

Definitely Oslo in the summer, it’s such a beautiful place. I’ll need to wait a little while though, in order to get fair bit of money saved up so I can afford to eat when I’m there.


How do you cope with jetlag  and keeping your energy levels up when travelling and sleeping in unfamiliar places?

That’s why it’s so good to travel by yourself; you work off your own schedule. So if you’re too tired to go somewhere, you don’t. That helps with jetlag like crazy. Also, whenever I boarded an international flight, I set my watch to the time zone that I was flying to, and then tried to get sleep according to that. Worked a treat.


Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA


What's your advice for taking quality photos when travelling?

That’s a tough one. You’re limited by circumstances, and if you’re only in a place for a short time you go right ahead and take photos of anything and everything without worrying about lighting or time of day. But then, you also want to find a mixture in your subject matter - there’s the need to get the standard touristy shots, but you also want to capture what makes the places you go to unique.


If you could go anywhere in the world for your next holiday, where would it be?

I’d be keen for a China/Japan/Mongolia trip, or go for a Student Flights The Southern Explorer round-the-world trip and smash through the southern hemisphere for a couple of weeks. I also really need to see Africa.


Dune bashing in Dubai


How do you cope with the travel comedown? 

I try not to think about it. It makes it too painful, so I’m just repressing it for now.


Want to catch up on Chris' RTW trip? Follow his journey here on our blog, on FacebookYouTube and Instagram and check out Chris’ website,Instagram and Vimeo  accounts for more of his travel posts.



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