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The dos and don'ts of Splendour in the Grass

Published May 2nd, 2014

Is there any music festival lineup reveal more anticipated than Splendour in the Grass? After swirling rumours and obsessive monitoring of headline acts at similar events close-ish to Australia (ahem, Fuji Rocks) we finally have the initial list. And what a banger of an event it’s going to be in Byron Bay from July 25 to 27: Outkast, Two Door Cinema Club, Lily Allen, Interpol, Foster The People, London Grammar, Chvrches, Kelis... and so on – 84 acts announced so far. Tickets to the three-day music and five-night camping extravaganza go on sale today, so to avoid hitting refresh while you wait, check out our list of dos and don’ts of Splendour in the Grass. See you at North Byron Parklands!


Photo: Stephen Booth


DO drink water

Even if it’s wet and raining, you still need to hydrate with some H2O. Get thee to the Global Village or water stations to fill up your empty (plastic) water bottles.


DON’T get drunk and obnoxious

Pace yourself. Peak too soon and you’ll miss the big acts later on. And be that person faceplanted in the dirt in the Tipi Forest.



DO bring your gumboots

It’s Byron Bay so expect a mud pit or dust bowl – either way, be prepared so you don’t have to buy an overpriced pair of wellies from the enterprising locals in town.


DON’T wear new shoes

One word: blisters. Quickest way to ruin a day on your feet dancing. Also thongs. Sure, they’re comfy but once your tootsies have been stepped on several times in the moshpit – notsomuch.



DO bring wet wipes

Feeling not so fresh? Three days without a shower will do that. If you didn’t plump for the hot showers in the deluxe Tepee Life, Tent City or Flash Camp sites, bring the baby wipes for any mishaps and mud.


DON’T trash the TP

Toilet paper is gold at a music festival. While we’re not advocating an extreme hoarder mentality, do respect the loo roll – you don’t want to be the one caught short in a portaloo.


London Grammar


DO check the tent

If you’re camping, make sure your temporary accommodation is waterproof, easy to erect and can be found easily by all of your party posse at night.


DON’T forget the tent pegs

Because. Major fail.



DO enjoy SITG

We know, we know. How do you get to see all the acts you want to see across the three stages and three days? Relax. Choose wisely but also make sure you have fun. Time your toilet breaks, go see the shows you want to, regardless of what your friends are doing, and just go with the flow.  Be Zen - you’re in Byron after all!


DON’T film it all up on your tablet/smartphone/other electronic device

Are you really going to watch it again? Do any of your friends care? Why not try being in the moment and enjoying the show. Plus blocking the view of other festival-goers is a major faux pas and not make you any friends.


Two Door Cinema Club


DO let your fashion freak flag fly

Aha! Bet you thought we’d tell you to lose the fluoro, ditch the denim short-shorts and leave the bum bag at home? Nuh-uh. Music festivals are the only acceptable time to cut loose and trial those fashion don’ts - so if you want to wear pasties under sheer bejewelled tops and pair with wide flares, we say go for it! (After all, that’s what Lily Allen wore recently!)


DON’T pack for the wrong season

It’s going to get dirty so if your new designer threads cost a motza and mean a lot to you, it’s probably not the best look to rock at SITG. Also, remember it’s winter and damn cold at night outdoors in Byron Shire - bring some warmies with you and a hat and sunnies for the daytime. Ditto insect repellent. Those mozzies be hungry.



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