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How to: Student Flights Reverse Auction

Published June 4th, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen: place your bids – the Student Flights Reverse Auction is on like donkey kong. Here’s where you get to rip us off to secure sweet travel and holiday deals for next to nix. Running from Sunday, June 1, 2014 to Sunday, June 15, 2014, you could have the winning bid on a 4-night hotel stay in Hawaii, a resort stay in Fiji, a 7-day sailing trip in Thailand or a Busabout tour of Europe with the Student Flights Reverse Auction. There’s 12 amazing deals to bid on, so, if you’re feeling lucky - what are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose and heaps of great holidays to win!


If I stare at my bid really, really hard, I'm bound to win - right?


What’s it all about?

The Student Flights Reverse Auction will have 12 amazing holiday deals on offer. Deals include a Europe Busabout Flexitrip, a 5-night stay at The 101 Legian Bali, 4 nights at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach in LA, and an 11-day Geckos Infra-Red India tour for two.You can bid on as many deals as you like, but only once per deal. And the reverse auction is all done and dusted on Sunday, June 15.


How low can you go?

It’s simple. Unlike a normal auction where the highest bid wins the loot/painting/date, with a reverse auction the lowest unique bid will score you a dirt-cheap holiday. If you are the lucky person with the lowest unique bid over the reserve amount, you’ll be the winner.


Wait a minute - if we’re ripping Student Flights off, where does the money go?

Because we’re in the giving mood, the entire amount of the winning bid for each of the 12 items will be donated to our partner charity, Youngcare, which helps young Australians with high-care needs get out of aged care and nursing homes. Plus, Student Flights will match this charity contribution, dollar for dollar, so really all proceeds go to Youngcare.


What do I need to do?

To get in on all the Reverse Auction bidding action, you’ll need to head to our app on the Student Flights Facebook page and website. Then, select the deal you wish to bid on, place your bid and hit the ‘bid now’ button. Congrats! You’ve just placed your bid. Now go back and bid on the other 11 amazing holidays right now, but remember, you only get one bid per deal.


Cassandra Laffey

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