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Published June 11th, 2014

If you’ve been getting yourself into a bidding frenzy over our amazing Reverse Auction holidays deals (and if you haven’t, go and check them out right now!) , then you’ll know that all the money raised goes to our partner charity, Youngcare. Plus, Student Flights is matching your bids dollar for dollar to contribute even more money to this worthy cause.

If you are not familiar with Youngcare, the charity was established in 2005 to help young people with high-care needs get out of aged care and nursing homes. There are currently over 7,000 young Aussies with full-time care needs who are forced to live in aged care because there are few other appropriate alternatives. A further 700,000 live at home with loved ones, often with limited support.



Some of the ways Youngcare helps young Aussies with high-care needs includes At Home Care Grants to allow young people to remain at home in the care of their loved ones; Youngcare Connect, which provides information and support to young people, their family and carers; and even building dedicated housing to offer age-appropriate options for young people with high-care needs to live independently.


Emily is one young Australian who has been helped by the amazing work of Youngcare.  Living with cerebral palsy, Emily was unable to open her front door, meaning she couldn’t leave the house in an emergency and had to heavily rely on family, friends and care workers. In 2011, the 22-year-old uni student was lucky enough to receive an At Home Care Grant from Youngcare, which meant she was able to install an automatic front door and buy a manual wheelchair to help take the strain off her family and provide her with a better quality of life. Thanks to Youngcare, Emily has gained a lot of independence and one of her long-term goals when she finishes uni is to travel overseas and live independently.


And then there’s Morgan. The 18-year-old football fanatic has cerebral palsy, which greatly impacts his everyday life. He uses a wheelchair to get around and requires assistance with personal care and other activities. With an At Home Care Grant from Youngcare, Morgan has a carer to look after him for one day a week during school holidays, which allows his mum to work and get out of the house too.


Student Flights and Youngcare believe all young people deserve to live young lives. Get behind our Reverse Auction to win great holiday deals and raise money for Youngcare.


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