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Lay-by your end-of-year vacay

Published July 9th, 2014

UPDATE (02 February 2016):

Guess what? Student Flights now offers a LAY-BY flight option! So that flight to Europe you’ve been obsessing over – you can now lock it in at that awesome sale price you saw it, and pay later!

It’s that time of year when the temps are decidedly frosty, the days are shorter and you get up in the darkness and head back home in the dark too. That’s if the sun decides to peek out during the day at all. Bored, ‘cos you’ve spent all your money at the stocktake sales, you turn to the interwebs to cheer yourself up only to see your feed is chock-full of friends and frenemies living it up in sunnier climes or carving up the powder on an awesome ski holiday.



Here at Student Flights HQ, we feel you. We get you. That’s why we’ve got an awesome way for you to book your end-of-year break and pay it off in your own time. Think of it as Christmas in July where our gift to you is that you get to plunk down a deposit for an end-of year holiday, stash some cash over the coming months and pay it all off before you go overseas – totally doable!

We’ve got an amazing range of hotel deals and worldwide tours for you to lay-by right now. You could be touring the pyramids in Egypt, trekking the Inca Trail, having a white Christmas in Europe or getting in on the post-World Cup fever with a guided trip around Brazil. Or how about a London hotel deal with cool extras or a flop-and-drop vacay in a Phuket resort for half the price?

Cassandra Laffey

Consumed with unrequited wanderlust, I get my fix in 24/7 cities and hippie retreats. I'm still looking for the ultimate combo of secluded beach and major metropolis, and my happy place is a 5-star hotel room all to myself - sigh.