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10 signs you've done a working holiday in London

Published August 29th, 2014

It’s practically a rite of passage. Finish school or uni, save up enough cash, book a one-way ticket to London, and take advantage of the two-year working holiday maker scheme (or Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme visa) before you turn 30 that allows you to study, live and work in Britain for up to 24 months. If you’re lucky enough to have a grandparent who was born in the UK , you can apply for a UK Ancestry visa that allows you to stay for five years.



According to the Australian Government, at any one time there are about one million Aussies living and working overseas, and at times it seems like they are all in West London! If you’ve ever dossed down with 20 other Aussies and Kiwis in a sharehouse or frisked newcomers for Tim Tams, you’ll relate to the 10 signs you’ve done a working holiday in London.



1. When you get back to Australia, you can’t believe you have to wait longer than two minutes for a train.



2. You always stand on the right. And glare at Tube newbies who don’t get it right. Tourists!



3. You know to say ‘trousers’ instead of ‘pants’ and ‘flip flops’ instead of ‘thongs’.



4. Friends say you sound like Kylie Minogue but you know you’re just enunciating properly, know what I mean?



5. You’ve been to The Church. And survived.



6. The ‘Heathrow Injection’. Say no more. Never mind, at least you’ve got that care parcel of Tim Tams, Violet Crumble and Twisties to console you about your weight gain.



7. You complain about the price of food and alcohol in Australia and then remember how much you were getting paid in London. Oh.



8. You miss drinking in public until 10pm in summer.



9. You miss Pret A Manger. Sarnies from Woolworths just aren’t the same.



10. You don’t miss the sketchy shower pressure and not having to share a bathroom with 19 other Antipodeans.


Anything we've missed? What did you learn on your working holiday to London?


Cassandra Laffey

Consumed with unrequited wanderlust, I get my fix in 24/7 cities and hippie retreats. I'm still looking for the ultimate combo of secluded beach and major metropolis, and my happy place is a 5-star hotel room all to myself - sigh.