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How to have a Frozen good time in Norway

Published September 17th, 2014

Unless you’ve been living under an avalanche, you’ve probably heard about the Disney box office behemoth that is Frozen, which, judging by the turnout at the recent Comic-Con events, is transfixing little and big girls (and boys) around the world with its icy fairytale.



Set in the fictional town of Arendelle and inspired by parts of Norway, the animated flick has prompted a massive spike in US tourism to the Nordic land, according to Time and Visit Norway. There’s even Adventures by Disney Frozen-inspired Norway cruises headed for the fjords and Northern Lights. Do you wanna build a snowman? Here’s how to have a Frozen good time in Norway. And get your Disney princess (or troll) on.



See the Northern Lights

Otherwise known as the Aurora borealis, this amazing natural light show occurs in February and March and between August and November. The closer you are to the Arctic Circle, the better the show. Head to northern Norway towns like Tromsø, Nordkapp, Kirkenes and Kautokeino and watch the bands of multicoloured light fuelled by charged particles dance across the clear night sky.


Stay in an igloo

Do you wanna stay in an ice hotel? Of course you do! Sorrisnava Igloo Hotel re-opens for its 16th year on January 6, 2015. The custom-built hotel, located along the Alta River in Finnmark in northern Norway, is a toasty -4 to -7 degrees Celsius where you can snooze in an ice bed in your thermals and a beanie (sexy!) by night and drink blue vodka in ice glasses. Skål!


Go glacier walking

Anna, Kristoff and Sven may have walked across the snow to the icy palace, but it’s best to go on a guided walk if you want to tackle a huge icy mass like Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier on mainland Europe. Glaciers are in constant movement, so you’ll need to be suitably kitted up in warm clothing and the correct footwear – even during a summer trek.


Experience the midnight sun

Queen Elsa may have plunged the world into an eternal winter, but in Norway you’ll find the opposite phenomenon where the sun never sets. Known as the midnight sun, the sun is a constant presence above the Arctic Circle where you’ll get to experience 24 hours of daylight in the summertime for around 76 days between May and July – that’s one long party!


Try reindeer sledging

In Norway, it’s not just the huskies that will take you for a ride – real reindeer do too, just like Sven. Head to the plains of Finnmark in northern Norway and live out your own magical wintry fairytale with a reindeer sledge ride through trees dripping with icicles, snow-covered terrain and the silence of the white landscape. Thrill seekers can kick it up a notch and ride behind their reindeer on skis.



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