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Top 5 weird and wonderful things to do in Buenos Aires

Published November 17th, 2014

From vibrant buildings in La Boca to football fanatics in Bombonera, and from edgy design in Palermo Viejo to wild nights in San Telmo, Buenos Aires is one of South America’s most happening  hipster cities and Porteños sure know how to party. Once you’ve hit up the boho barrios of San Telmo and Palermo and bar-hopped your way through the bar scene, hobbled home after a frenzied danceathon, and clocked the amazing street art and political graffiti, leave some room on your itinerary to do these weird and wonderful things in BA.


Trust us, you want to be seen dead here.


1. Pay your respects at Cementario de la Recoleta

Hanging out with dead people may not seem like the most scintillating thing to do on holiday, but the Recoleta Cemetery is not your regular haunt. The burial stomping ground of Argentina’s bold and the beautiful is located in one of Buenos Aires’ most exclusive ‘hoods and here you’ll see the likes of Eva (Evita) Perón and numerous dead presidents, writers, poets and military men. Well, their headstones and tombs anyway.



2. Hire a themed telo room by the hour

Like most South American Catholic countries, it’s customary to stay at home until you get married or live with extended families, which can make things a little difficult to get it on. Like the Japanese love hotels, telos (Porteño slang for albergue transitorios) offer a discreet location to do the horizontal tango in pay-by-the-hour rooms. As discreet as neon signs can be, that is. Think mirrored walls, showers á deux, hot tubs and sex toy menus. ¡Hola! (Holler?)



3. Try the tango at a milonga

If you’d prefer to do the tango (the dance of lurve) the traditional way, head to a milonga – a tango event. You’ll find milongas all over town, most notably in Centro, San Telmo, Palermo and Once y Abasto. The open-air milonga at La Glorieta de Belgrano accommodates 200 dancers of all skill levels and is free every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7pm to 10pm. Bring your dancing shoes and smooth moves, muchachos!


Jesus is my homie.


4. Have a religious experience at Tierra Santa

If all the telos and tango has left you feeling a bit seedy, redeem yourself at Tierra Santa, the world’s first religious theme park. Visited by the Pope and local families, for 70 pesos you can experience the journey of Christ through rides (a carousel with manger animals), displays and dioramas of His life, the Last Supper show and eat at Noah’s Ark, not to mention seeing the resurrection of Christ on the hour.



5. Stuff yourself on dulce de leche

BA was all up in the caramel craze long before every sweet treat came in salted. The sticky sweet topping of choice known as dulce de leche lavishly adorns ice-cream, is drizzled over fruit, spread on toast and waffles and sandwiched between layers of cake.  Try alfajores – Argentine shortbread biscuits held together with the sweet stuff and drenched in chocolate, or dulce de leche-topped pancakes. And it’s not a sometimes treat; it’s consumed at every meal! #sugarcoma


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