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What travel consultants always take with them

Published December 1st, 2014

Our Student Flights consultants live, dream and breathe travel and have collectively been from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between, so it’s fair to say they know a little something something about packing light and what essentials are always allocated precious space in their carry-on. Other than the obvious (passport, tickets, visas, travel insurance) and an open mind, we asked our travel experts to let us in on the must-have items they always take with them.



The number one thing that travel consultants always take with them is a camera. And if you’re going on an extra-long trip, pack an extra memory card or two. As Kendall from Student Flights Melbourne University puts it: “Ain’t nobody got time for lost photos!”



Travel journal

While photos are great for preserving memories, some of our consultants also take a travel journal with them to capture the little details of their trip. Ashleigh from Student Flights Woden says: “I love to jot down all of the small random gems so I can read back and relive the experience all over again”.




“Don’t be one of those annoying people who hog all the power points in a hostel,” tips Georgie from Student Flights Hobart. Pack an adaptor and a powerboard and you can charge all your electronic devices at the one time. “A deck of cards and a powerboard equals instant new friends,” adds Joel from the Student Flights Fountain Gate store.



Noise-cancelling headphones

If you’ve ever been stuck on a crowded bus or across from a screaming baby, you’ll know the value of some noise-blocking headphones. To preserve your sanity and arrive at your destination without jangled nerves, drop your money on a quality model that will even block the white noise on a plane.



Diarrhoea medication

Sure it’s not glamorous, but our consultants always carry some Imodium, Gastro-Stop, Hydralyte or other meds for Bali/Delhi belly, the Rangoon runs or the Peru poos, a.k.a. traveller’s diarrhoea. It’s better to be safe than sorry. And nothing ruins a holiday faster than the squirts.



Clean undies

Pack these plus some spare clothing and your toiletries (regulation size for liquids, remember!) in your hand baggage so you’ve got a clean change of clothes and the means to freshen up in the event of lost luggage or flight delays. “You never know when your luggage might not turn up,” says Vanessa from Student Flights Swanston Street. And take plenty of clean underwear in your check-in baggage too – nobody wants to spend all their time washing their unmentionables!



Ziplock bags

Frequent travellers always carry ziplock plastic bags and our consultants swear by them. Pack bags in different sizes to separate dirty clothes and shoes and ward off any potential mid-air shampoo disasters in your luggage.




Between lengthy flight delays, local transport and bad weather, overseas travel can be a waiting game. Our travel consultants make sure to bring their own entertainment in the form of an iPad (preloaded with eBooks), iPod or a book – an old-school solution if there is no wi-fi connection. Ashley from Student Flights Wollongong says: “As long as I have my iPad so I can read during those long transits or listen to music – I am sweet!”.


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