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6 Europe festivals you don't want to miss

Published February 23rd, 2015

Europe, with all its history and quirky cultural charm, sure knows how to throw a great party. There are hundreds of wacky festivals taking place each year, many of them blending centuries-old traditions with modern-day high jinks. What better excuse to visit some of Europe’s top hotspots than when they’re in full swing throwing a party for the world to come and enjoy? Hold on tight for one crazy ride and avoid FOMO - here's 6 Europe festivals you don't want to miss.




If you’ve ever wanted to watch the craziness that is the Running with the Bulls festival in Spain, book yourself on Topdeck’s Pamplona tour quick smart. The epic San Fermin Festival held each July is up there with Europe’s wackiest and wildest where you’ll get stuck into sangria fights, street parties and egg and flour throwing. Not for the faint-hearted, this is one Spanish fiesta you won’t want to miss.



Venice Carnival

Venice is a trip in itself - a whole city of hauntingly beautiful palaces, churches and buildings floating on water, and not a car in sight. Prepare to be amazed as this incredible city bursts to life during the Carnevale Festival of Venice with wacky masquerade balls, traditional ceremonies, gala dinners, music, theatrics and revelry.  The festivities, which date back to the 12th century, are a huge part of Venice’s culture and history, taking place annually over two weeks in February. See it all with Topdeck's Venice Carnival trip.



St Patrick's Day

No one knows how to party like the Irish, and there’s only one place to be for St Patrick's Day in March - Ireland. Don your leprechaun hat and your best green get-up and head over the Emerald Isle to party like a local as they celebrate their legendary national day. Not ones for being lightweights, the Irish tend to drag this party out over a few days with parades, street parties and, of course, lots and lots of Guinness. Topdeck’s St Patrick’s Day Tour takes you to where the party’s at and also includes a tour of Dublin’s famous Guinness Storehouse.



King's Day

Want an excuse to visit Amsterdam? How about King's Day (Koningsdag) on April 27, the Netherlands’ national holiday celebrating King Willem-Alexander's birthday? Hop on a four-day tour from London with Topdeck and visit Amsterdam in full swing with free concerts, canal and street parties, which turn into pumping DJ sets in the main squares at night. Dress in orange, the Dutch royal colour, and get stuck in to some serious fun alongside partying locals.




You won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face when you lay your eyes on the epic sight of thousands of revellers dressed up  in traditional Bavarian costume and drinking from steins. Oktoberfest is basically nirvana for beer monsters with 14 different tents dedicated to local and national breweries. Head to Munich in southern Germany in late September and get stuck in to the good times with Topdeck, who set up camp close to the massive two-week event so you won’t miss a thing!



La Tomatina

If food fights are your idea of a good time, you won’t want to miss Spain’s messy La Tomatina festival in August, the world’s largest food fight, set in the charming narrow streets of Buñol near Valencia in northern Spain. No one quite knows the origins of this historical buffoonery, but one thing’s for sure, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Come paint the town red with over 100,000 tonnes of tomatoes on Topdeck’s La Tomatina trip. Don’t forget your swimming hat and goggles!


Amy Dalgleish

Wanderlust pommie, currently living the dream in sunny Byron Bay.