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Black Market Flights FAQs

Published February 6th, 2015

At Student Flights, we’ve got these amazing airfares known as Black Market Flights but the name is creating some confusion. Exclusive to Student Flights, our Black Market Flights deals are only available to full-time students or those aged under 30 and include one-way, return and even round-the-world airfares with a heap of premium international airlines. Got more questions? Here’s all you need to know about Black Market Flights.  

  What’s the black market? Urban Dictionary defines the black market as a market in illegal or unregulated goods and services where both the buyer and seller are violating the laws of the jurisdiction in which the trade occurs. Think the sometimes-real, usually-not hot goods that have “fallen off a truck” and the fake fragrances sold at collapsible stalls on Oxford Street in London through to under-the-counter raw unpasteurised milk sales in the US (yep, it’s a thing) and the illegal wildlife trade.  

  So, the black market is dodgy, illegal and might give me a rash? Well, you do know that’s not real perfume, right? And yes, the black market is usually about trading unobtainable products (like prescription meds and human organs) and illegal services (like prostitution and gambling) for cash or Bitcoin in hand. Fun fact: In Soviet-era ‘80s Russia, Levi’s jeans were a coveted capitalist commodity bought on the black market for the monetary equivalent of a week’s worth of food!  

  Soviet, what? So what, exactly, are Black Market Flights then? A rash-free way to fly! No seriously, Black Market Flights are a totally legit way to get a great airfare deal at an I-can’t–believe-they-didn’t-make-a-mistake price. There’s no secret handshake and no back alley dealing going on here, if you are under 30 or a full-time student you can take advantage of our amazing Black Market Flights airfares to heaps of great destinations around the world. We only deal with the world’s best airlines, so there’s no dodgy charter flights with multiple stopovers. And we won’t fly you to New Jersey when you booked a flight to NYC. Plus, you won’t need to look over your shoulder for federal agents – it’s all above board for under-the-counter prices.  

  So, Black Market in name, not for real - as in, no running from the law? That’s right. Black Market Flights are all about getting a great airfare deal at prices where you’ll think the travel consultant made a mistake. You just need to be under 30 or a full-time student to get the deal. For example, depending on the season we’ve got Black Market Flights return airfares to Los Angeles for under $1,000 or return flights to London from Sydney for under $1,500. And some of our partner airlines include Air New Zealand, Etihad and Virgin Atlantic.  

  OK, I’m 22 and interested. How do I find out more? Head online to check out our current Black Market Flights deals and get a quote, or pop in-store and ask one of our dealers travel consultants for the hook-up.  

Cassandra Laffey

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