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Bucket list tours to try in 2015

Published February 16th, 2015

Tired of treading the same old paths, telling the same old stories? Why not challenge yourself this year, get off the beaten track and take yourself off to a far-flung destination and have an adventure that will really give you something to write home about? We’ve put together a list of bucket list tours to try in 2015 that are guaranteed to shift your perspective and get you high on life! And with 15 percent off Geckos Adventures around the world this month, it's time to start ticking those destinations off your wish list.



 Adventures in Antarctica

Once purely the stomping ground of fearless adventurers and gnarly wildlife, the huge white continent is more accessible these days, even to regular old everyday Joes with no training in extreme conditions. Hop aboard an expedition tour with the good folk at Geckos and discover the wonder of Antarctica via a short flight from Patagonia and a cruise from King George Island. You’ll spend three days in this unparalleled icy landscape getting up close and personal with icebergs, penguins, seals and whales, before heading back to Chile to recount the amazing adventures you’ve enjoyed.


The Baths in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands.


Cruise the British Virgin Islands

It’s a tough life when the only decision to make is which idyllic tropical island to visit next, but that's the issue you’ll face in the gorgeous British Virgin Islands. Take the tough part out of the equation on an eight-day catamaran sailing tour of the archipelago with Geckos Adventures. Kick back, apply the coconut oil, and prepare to be wowed by the island paradise and warm Caribbean waters. Snorkel in the crystal sea, visit Norman Island - the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, grab a rum and fruit juice at a floating bar, relax with a good book in a hammock, and wander along white sandy beaches.



Get amongst it in Myanmar

Hill tribes, ancient temples, floating markets, gilded pagodas and friendly faces; this one-time mysterious and off-limits part of Asia is quickly becoming an up-and-coming favourite for adventure travellers with each tentative step Myanmar (Burma) takes towards democracy. Uncover this surprising land for yourself on trains, boats, buses and planes with Geckos' 12-day tour, which will take you to the ‘Golden City’ of Mandalay; former capital, Yangon; tranquil Inle Lake; the pretty town of Kalaw and much more. This is off-the-beaten track traditional Asia, unspoilt by commercialisation. Get in before Starbucks does.


A marine iguana in the Galapagos Islands.


Embrace nature in the Galapagos Islands

If getting back to nature is your idea of a good time, the Galapagos Islands, made famous by Charles Darwin, will be your ultimate fantasy. Virtually untouched by humans, the archipelago thrives with sea lions, flamingos, iguanas, sharks, albatrosses and turtles galore in its remote Pacific location, 1,000 kilometres from the closest shores of South America. Cruise round the islands on the ‘Daphne’, dropping anchor as you go to swim in the green waters; hike to forests of giant cacti; and wander through volcanic landscapes. You’ll have bragging rights above and beyond once you’ve visited this living museum.



Magic in Morocco

The colours and adventure of Morocco will leave you dazzled on Geckos Adventures' Drunk on Colour 14-day tour. From Casablanca to Marrakech, you’ll watch the sunrise while riding camels through the desert, wander historic medinas, visit mosques, bunk down with locals, and step back in time in the labyrinth market streets of Fes. The exotic tastes and sights along the way will inspire lasting memories of this once-in-a-lifetime North African experience.


Amy Dalgleish

Wanderlust pommie, currently living the dream in sunny Byron Bay.