The 5 beauty products you need while travelling

Published March 20th, 2015

I’ve already detailed how to look fresh after a long-haul flight with must-have in-transit items, and now we’ve compiled our list of the travel toiletries and beauty hacks to pack, whether you’re heading to Auckland or Zanzibar. Compiled from our own jet-setting experiences and the things that Student Flights travel consultants always take with them, and minus any makeup must-haves you just can’t live without, here’s the five beauty products you need while travelling.


Travel beauty must-haves.


Tea tree oil

This multi-tasking, antibacterial and antimicrobial wonder is a first-aid kit essential. Use tea tree oil undiluted to treat pimples, bites and small cuts; to repel mozzies; and tame frizzy hair and flyaways. Mix the oil with water in a bottle and use to spritz as a refreshing facial mist or to clear a blocked nose. This tiny bottle will be your beauty SOS!


Cleansing wipes

Long-haul flights, 24-hour bus rides and that general grungy travel feeling can all be whisked away with a moist cloth. Skip the alcohol-laden and drying generic wet wipes for a good-quality gentle facial cleansing wipe with extracts to soothe, refresh and remove the day from your face.  An added bonus is these beauties aren’t counted towards your liquid quota – win-win!


The top 5 a.k.a. the bare minimum (geddit?).


Tinted sunscreen

Toting sunscreen while travelling is a no-brainer, but if you opt for a tinted moisturiser or BB cream with SPF, you can leave your foundation at home too. A tinted moisturiser with a minimum 30+ SPF is ideal for sheer coverage and sun protection, or you can go with a BB cream for added skincare protection, hydration and more coverage in a matte finish – perfect for humid climates.


Paw Paw ointment

The humble red tube of paw paw ointment is one of the top things our Aussie travellers miss when they are away from home, and it works even harder than Queen Bey. As well as being antibacterial and antimicrobial, it’s a lip balm, moisturiser and cuticle balm and can help soothe sunburn, insect bites, weird rashes, and minor cuts and burns on the go.


Dry shampoo

Not just a sweaty hair gym staple, every female traveller should make room in her carry-on for a can of pressurised hair powder (another beauty that’s outside TSA restrictions). Dry shampoo in aerosol or powder form will soak up the grease and give a bit of oomph to flat hair, not to mention impart a fragrance so you’ll feel better – even if your next shower is a day away!

What are your must-have  travel beauty products?


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