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The lowdown on round the world flights

Published March 31st, 2015

So you’ve got some time on your hands and wanderlust in your eyes. You want to see it all - to climb mountains and skyscrapers, see the sun set over the desert and across oceans. Quench that thirst for adventure in far-flung destinations with a round-the-world ticket. It might seem like a logistical nightmare but rest assured, we’re here to help (even with packing tips!). Read through our round-the-world flights guide to get the lowdown, and then consult one of our expert consultants (who do this sort of thing all the time). Got questions? We've got answers.


Destination unknown?

Won’t it cost an arm and a leg?

If you can be flexible with your travel dates, and your path of travel doesn’t take you too far off the beaten track, you’ll often be able to nab yourself a round-the-world ticket for around the same price as a regular long-haul flight. If you’re a student or under 26 years old, you 'll also qualify for Student Flight’s Black Market airfares with super-cheap flight prices.


How many stops can I have?

Round-the-world tickets are pretty flexible and can be customised to create your dream trip. Generally speaking, you can have between three to 16 stops across the globe, but bear in mind the more stops you have and the more continental zones you fly through, the more it will cost as taxes are added on for each airport you stop at.


Explore the backstreets and cityscapes.

What route can I take and where can I stop?

Build your own trip or select a suggested itinerary, which takes in the most popular destinations around the world. Major stops on a common route include Auckland, Los Angeles, New York, London and Singapore, but there’s a whole lot more stops you can add to tailor things your way, including different parts of Asia, Africa, and South America. In fact there’s around 1,000 stops to choose from worldwide (the mind boggles).


How long is my round-the-world ticket valid for travel?

Tickets are generally valid for up to a year, so if you’ve got the time to spend, make the most of it. If you’re going to try and cram a few adventures into a short space of time, it’s possible to do a round-the-world trip in a few short weeks if you nail your itinerary down tight.


Make the trip of a lifetime happen.

Can I backtrack and can I go overland between flights?

All flights on a round-the-world ticket must be in a continuous direction, either east to west or west to east, around the globe. You can absolutely go overland between flights, and there’s lots of scope to head off on adventures and go your own way. Fly into LA, do a road trip across the USA and fly out of New York; or fly into London, take the train through Europe and fly out of Paris - the world is literally your oyster. If a round-the-world route doesn't suit, there are plenty of other Black Market airfare options to choose from for more flexibility.


How can I make this happen?

Round-the-world flights can be tricky - the best place to start is to jot down your ideal stops, work out your timeframe, then offload onto a Student Flights travel consultant who can connect the dots for you. Bon voyage!


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