Private villa vs hotel in Bali

Published May 4th, 2015

Good old Bali - so beautiful, so welcoming and, for many of us in Australia, our very first overseas trip. Our Asian neighbour is renowned for its warm hospitality, tropical beaches, delicious food, and amazingly cheap prices, thus Bali is an extremely popular holiday option for travellers worldwide.


Caleb checking out the sunset in Bali.


Bali has so many different pockets to explore, all varied and offering something different for everyone. Families often choose Seminyak for close proximity to fantastic shopping and restaurant options, backpackers head to the Gili Islands to get off the beaten track, surfers make their way to Uluwatu for some amazing offshore breaks and beach bars, and the party crowd stays in Kuta to be right in the heart of Nightclub Row, while the spiritual visitors will discover Ubud for the ultimate in mountain serenity.



But no matter which Bali locale is your preference, there is still a big decision to be made. Do you choose a hotel or a villa for your accommodation? Staying in a hotel is a known entity - we can see the star rating, we’ve done it before, we know what we’re going to get, and many people like that comfort and security in booking a recommended and well-rated property. But in a destination like Bali where private villas are extremely prevalent, it would be remiss to rule that option out without further investigation. Renting a private villa for your Bali stay is an exciting prospect as it’s like having your very own home away from home, so often the holiday can become so much more an enticing experience.



Here’s my take on whether to stay in a hotel or villa in Bali. And no matter where you choose to stay, Bali is always an amazing and affordable destination that will ensure a beautiful and relaxing break away from the real world.


The rooftop at The 101 Bali Legian hotel.

Why you would choose a hotel:

  • To meet people – With tonnes of other guests lazing around the hotel, there is always someone new and interesting to meet and explore Bali with.
  • Location – Whether beachfront or located in the middle of numerous bars and restaurants, hotels usually take the cake location wise in all the major areas of Bali.
  • Facilities – Hotels can’t be beaten for facilities. With numerous pools, day spas, restaurants, gyms, tennis courts, nightly activities and entertainment, and tour desks, your holiday will always be full of adventure.
  • Price – Usually the best package deals can be found when staying in a hotel or resort-style property.
  • Inclusions – Whether it is a welcome drink on arrival, daily breakfast included, free wi-fi, or airport transfers, hotels usually have more flexibility to have a few bonus inclusions added in.


Caleb and friends at a private villa in Bali.

Why you would choose a villa:

  • Privacy – This is like having your own private apartment for the duration of your holiday. No one to share the pool with, no noisy neighbours, no worries with guests visiting; this truly is a carefree vacation.
  • Kitchen facilities – You’re probably not going to feel like cooking but it’s good to know you can if you want to.
  • Villa hosts – Kind of like butlers, most villas have a host who is a mere phone call away. They can organise groceries, alcohol, chefs, day trips, restaurant reservations - anything at all you might need to make your trip more pleasurable.
  • Party – If you know a lot of people in Bali at the same time as you, it’s great to have a villa for hosting a fantastic party for all your friends.
  • The experience – How often is there an affordable option available for an amazing private house or villa in a beautiful location when travelling?

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