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Top 8 places to party in the Americas

Published June 3rd, 2015

You’ve spent an entire summer running riot through Europe, you’ve thrown tomatoes in Spain, jumped off yachts in Croatia, drank your body weight in beer at Oktoberfest (with a couple of lazy pork knuckles thrown in for good measure), and you’re ready for something new. Whatever to do next? Don’t worry, there’s a whole different party scene in another part of the world that has a big fat vacancy with your name on it. The Americas beckon and, to start off with, why not try these footloose and fancy-free destinations on for size? Here's the top eight places to party in the Americas.


Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub at the Cosmopolitan.

Las Vegas, USA

Sin City is easily the most recognisable city in the world and the only one said to be visible from space. Casino hopping along the famous Vegas Strip is a must as you explore the depth of depravity on display in the many different themed establishments. There are nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and strip clubs as far as the eye can see, all competing with each other for their slice of your pie. And you’ll give it to them - Las Vegas always wins. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is the newest and brightest venue on the Strip with stunning décor, a young and beautiful crowd, and the outrageous Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub. It’s an 100 percent must-visit when in town, no matter how much it costs you.

Tip: While gambling you drink for free, so park yourself in front of the cheapest slot machine you can find in your casino of choice to start the night off strongly.


Medellin, Colombia

The plastic surgery capital of the world, Medellin is no longer the dangerous place it once was. Every night of the week, the bars and clubs in the Zona Rosa spill out onto the street in a magical display of energy and passion. The scene doesn’t get going in Medellin until about midnight, so you’ve got plenty of time to stretch before the main action begins. Like in many South American cities, dance is the major pastime here and Colombians are known for shaking their booty like no others. So, sip up some liquid courage and show the locals your best moves and you’ll be in for one of the best and longest nights of your life.

Tip: Although generally safe, keep your wits about you at night and never carry too much money on your person.


24/7 nightlife in Manhattan.

New York City, USA

The city that never sleeps usually finds time for a late-night nap somewhere between 2am to 4am as the bars slowly start to close their doors. Before that however, it’s on for young and old all throughout the city. Downtown is the locale of choice for the best of New York nightlife, and areas such as Greenwich Village, Soho, Tribeca and the Meatpacking District are heaving with energy and activity. From high-end clubs like Top of the Standard on the Standard Hotel’s rooftop to dive bars like Whiskey Town in the East Village, there’s something to suit all tastes and budgets in the Big Apple. And don't forget Brooklyn, this hipster little brother to Manhattan is all grown up now.

Tip: A fantastic NYC diner breakfast is a great way to wind down from a big night out before heading back to your hotel.


Whistler, Canada

Filled to the brim with expat Aussies and Kiwis working the ski fields, Whistler sure does pack a punch in wintertime for a small mountainside village. All the bars are located within walking distance from each other in town, which makes a bar crawl very easy and also very dangerous. The whole town has a relaxed Canadian vibe about it and drinking during the day is certainly welcomed, which makes it feel more like home than anywhere else you’ll visit. You may never want to leave - plenty of other people before you haven’t.

Tip: Like any winter destination, dress for warmth and remember to layer.


P12 Day Club in Floripa.

Florianopolis, Brazil

Located on the southern coastline of Brazil, Florianopolis is where the beautiful people hang out and they sure do know how to party. Surrounded by breathtaking beaches and boasting some of the best nightlife in South America, Floripa (as the locals know it) is best visited between the months of January and May when the weather is at its best and the caipirinhas are flowing freely. A heady mix of Germanic European sensibilities and South American passion, the people of Floripa are the geographical heart and soul of this surfing mecca. Vivacious, lively, and friendly to all those who visit, lose a few layers of clothing and be swept away by the beat.

Tip: Backpackers Sunset may be the best hostel you will ever stay at, and P12 may be the best club you will ever dance at.


Caleb (second from left) barhopping in Dallas.

Texas, USA

Looking to hook up with an American, maybe secure yourself a passport? Head to the US Southwest and start chatting to the first person you see. You’ll know when you see them; they’ll be wearing tight jeans, the hair will be big, the attitude syrupy sweet, their name will most likely be Loretta or Ramona, Corey or Chip, and they’ll be fawning all over you like Hilary Clinton over a new pantsuit. The Australian accent works a charm down here so be prepared to bust out those Aussie clichés like you were Alf Stewart down at the diner. Texans, in particular, love an Aussie voice so hit the bars and clubs from Austin to Corpus Christi to be shouted drinks the entire night and you might just find the significant other of your dreams.

Tip: Mexican food and Tex-Mex are two very different things. You’ve been warned.


The crew celebrating Australia Day in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

The American Spring Breakers swarm to Mexican beach resorts like Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Let them, you won’t want to be close to that Spring Break disaster anyway. Down on the Pacific coast of Mexico sits Puerto Escondido, a hidden gem famous for its pumping surf and ridiculously cheap prices. You’ll be slurping up dollar beers and dollar tacos and rolling around in the waves without a care in the world. And as the sun slowly sets into a gentle evening ocean, the beach bars come alive with thumping music, fruity cocktails and long nights filled with debauchery. It’s a tiny piece of paradise in the middle of nowhere.

Tip: Don’t be surprised if you see dogs on the dancefloor - it’s normal in Mexico. But please don’t pat them.


La Paz, Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the cheapest countries in the world and its biggest city, La Paz, is one of the highest altitude cities at over 3,500 metres. Seeing you’ll be too short of breath at this height for much strenuous activity, it stands to reason that you can very easily get caught up drinking your troubles away. The backpacker bars in this city are epic and the party scene at hostels like Loki and The Wild Rover can suck you in for days. Be prepared for some monster hangovers as drinking at altitude is a whole different ballgame.

Tip: You may have heard whispers of a perhaps mythical La Paz institution called Route 36. It does exist, you should probably visit, and the taxi drivers know the way.


Caleb van Schmal

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