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Never have I ever: Comedian Frenchy chats travel & stand-up

Published July 31st, 2015

Australian comedian Frenchy, best known for his stand-up and YouTube channel, Frenchy SungaAttack, is making waves in the domestic comedy circuit.

This "lanky guy from Wollongong" recently sat down with us to chat about travelling and his upcoming partnership with Student Flights' 'Never Have I Ever' promotion.

Far from your cookie-cutter interview, Frenchy gave us his typical sans-filter approach, which included sharing his dream overseas woman, what he's like as a travelling buddy and a tale about one overnight stay in a French gay bar.

The prospect of days spent washing the sand out couldn't deter Frenchy from a good time

Frenchy, you have established yourself as one of Australia’s most influential comedians. Which was more nerve-wracking: performing stand-up or travelling overseas for the first time?

Stand-up was way more nerve wracking; a billion times more. The good thing about stand-up is it's mercifully brief. Travelling is completely different, there is a lot less chance people will throw bottles at me … I shouldn’t have invited my mum to stand-up … that was my own fault. Travelling for the first time was exciting and fun; stand-up was pretty nerve wracking.

Student Flights' new ‘Never Have I Ever’ competition encourages travellers to submit their funniest, weirdest or most memorable travel pictures to celebrate the awesomeness of travel. What is your funniest, weirdest or most memorable travel memory?

I have a few, because I have been on three quite big trips around the old planet earth. There was one time in Paris, we didn’t have anywhere to stay, so we decided to party the whole night, but we didn’t really have enough money to party all night, so we went to one club and spent all our money on drinks.

Two hours in we realised it was a gay bar … it took us a while to realise that. We probably should have realised earlier when the guys had their shirts off and were fist pumping with us, although we were doing the same thing.

We decided to sleep at that place. We snuck upstairs and slept on the couch ... in the middle of a gay French nightclub until 8am. That was a nice moment.

What’s the best country you have travelled to?

Brazil, I love Brazil. I have a very good Brazilian friend, Marcello. I go and visit him; try to speak bad Portuguese to him and his family. "Eu gosto de macacos" – which means I like monkeys ... I’m pretty sure ... it’s all I have learnt in my three years. That’s it.

Frenchy has slept in more random spots than a hammock whilst travelling

In keeping with the ‘Never Have I Ever’ theme, what are some overseas activities you haven’t done yet that you want to be able to drink to in the future?

I have never done Vegas properly. I was there one night, then I saw The Hangover and thought they did way more crazy stuff than me, so I need to obviously find a tiger.

I want to have a pet monkey and travel around any country, so I need to put that on the list. I still need to find Princess Jasmine. I know she’s out there but where is Aladdin keeping her ... I don’t know, I do not know.

Obviously I would like to get kidnapped in France and have Liam Neeson come and rescue me. That’s on the bucket list too.

A couple of times on your YouTube channel you have posted videos from overseas, such as your Brazilian wax in Brazil. Where in the world would you next like to film?

I want to film everywhere. There are all these countries that are so interesting. I really want to go to Scandinavia – I haven’t been there and obviously Swedish and Norwegian girls are ... quite nice to look at. I want to go and do some weird stuff in the streets and I wanna go to Africa – that would be rogue as. Filming in any country would be exciting.

You are a Wollongong local. Is there a country, city or town anywhere in the world similar to the Gong? 

I am not sure if Wollongong is similar, but I had a lot of fun in Darwin. I got on really well with the people up there, so I don’t know what that says about Wollongong per se.

It’s not like I go to Rio de Janerio and think: Wollongong  is kinda like this yeah, apart from the samba, the soccer, the caipirnhas and the rampant. No, Wollongong is sick.

Kicking back in Hawaii. Go budgy smugglers or go home.

If you could met a girl from anywhere, who would it be and why?

Princess Jasmine from Arabia, obviously, she is just ... she has a beautiful soul. She is not just some prize to be won.

Other than that, Hermione. She was obviously going to Hogwarts; I don’t really know what she has done since she’s left school. I haven’t heard too much about her, but Hermione is up on the list. I will keep an eye out for her.

I don’t want to specify and say Scandinavian girls. I would like to meet a female really. That’s it. I would like to meet a female.

Many of your followers would consider you to be a wild travelling buddy. Is this the case or are you different on the road? 

I am much worse on the road. When you are in a country and you know that you are leaving the next day you feel like you can do anything that night and have no consequences.

Though it is kinda dangerous, especially if you are under the influence of Coca Cola or if you have a lot of lemonade. Or, you know, Bacardi – without the rum of course, just ice cubes – or if you have a lot of waters.

Travel Frenchy has a few problems – a few arrest warrants in certain countries I am sure.

Famous doppelganger? Nah, not lanky enough!

I am offering you a week long trip to Bali, three nights in Vegas or two weeks in Europe. Which would you choose? 

Two weeks in Europe. How is that even a decision? Less time in worse places – no.

If you could travel with three famous people alive or dead, who would you pick?

Princess Jasmine; Liam Neeson; Optimus Prime.

This is the first time you have stepped away from stage and screen to take part in an outside brand. What is it about Student Flights that resonates with you as both a performer and a traveller?

I aim my videos at a similar demographic to Student Flights, which is obviously students and young people who love travelling, love partying, love drinking, love living and keeping things exciting. So I think they are quite a similar brand, keep things fresh and get people out of their comfort zones, which is what I like doing in my videos and especially in my stand-up.

Frenchy's solo stand-up comedy show, Live & Lanky, runs from August until November.

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I love the kind of travelling that is one part strategic planning and two parts spontaneous adventure. Whether I'm exploring my local city or a small town in the middle of nowhere, I'm always hoping to find something no one else has discovered.