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12 bars worth the hangover

Published August 28th, 2015

The great thing about boozing while travelling is being able to blame your hangover on jet lag the next day. With that in mind, we compiled a list of our favourite bars in our favourite destinations right now. Special thanks to Fathom contributors and venerable drinking buddies Katie Parla, Cyrena Lee, Arlene Gibbs, Erica Firpo, Kate Donnelly and Stephanie March for their dedicated – and spirited! – research.

Photo: Courtesy of Eau de Vie

1. Eau de Vie – Sydney and Melbourne

Tiptoe past the Kirketon Hotel lobby in Sydney (or down Malthouse Lane in Melbourne) to a world-renowned speakeasy with dark wood trimmings and a novella-sized cocktail list. Order a liquid nitrogen-chilled martini, wallow in wormwood from an absinthe fountain, or sip single malt whiskey until last call.

Photo: Jerry Thomas Project

2. The Jerry Thomas Project – Rome

The facial hair of the bar team is as intoxicating as the drinks they make at this old-fashioned, knock-for-entry speakeasy. A password will get you a bar experience unlike any other in Rome.

Photo: j0sh_v / Flickr

3. JBS (Jazz, Blues, Soul) – Tokyo

In a small room a few flights up from the streets of Shibuya in Tokyo is a private collection of 11,000 rhythm and soul records, a turntable on a tiny bar, and an owner doubling as DJ and bartender (serving beer and whisky only) for vinyl-loving locals.

Photo: Courtesy of The French House

4. The French House – London

Sip half-pints while literary types exchange banter and actors unwind on wine at this tiny Soho pub in London, covered in cool black-and-white photos. A no-tech rule (strictly enforced) is refreshing and very welcome.

Photo: Courtesy of Potato Head Folk

5. Potato Head Folk – Singapore

Head to the laid-back rooftop garden with a tiki cocktail in hand to catch the sun setting over Singapore's old Chinatown shophouses and modern skyscrapers. Or go down one floor to the 1939 lounge for more intimate conversation.

Photo: Courtesy of Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa

6. Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa – Rome

This pub in one of Rome's nightlife epicentres was the first in central Rome to pour craft beers – most of the neighbours are still slinging Heineken, Corona and Peroni – and since opening in 2001 has been a point of reference for serious beer drinkers, both local and visiting. The constantly rotating tap list features international and domestic brews, often rare and esoteric, and never boring.

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Photo: Courtesy of Viceroy Anguilla

7. Sunset Lounge – Anguilla

The cocktails are great, the service is friendly and the views are stellar at the hotel Viceroy in the British West Indies. Thursday nights call for a DJ. Between Christmas and New Year's Day, the bar is open only for hotel guests.

Photo: Courtesy of Le Perchoir

8. Le Perchoir – Paris

There's nothing more beautiful than admiring the rooftops in Paris – especially when you're on a rooftop surrounded by clouds of authentic Parisian smoke.

Photo: Courtesy of Lake Victoria Safari Village

9. Lake Victoria Safari Village – Lake Victoria Mbita, Kenya

This bar in Kenya is the only bar for kilometres that has okay gin and cold tonic. That last part is important because ice is out of the question.

Photo: Courtesy of Pierluigi

10. Pierluigi – Rome

This tiny and sexy bar inside the popular restaurant is home of Fabrizio, one of the best bartenders in Rome.

Photo: Courtesy of Dry Cocktails & Pizza

11. Dry – Milan

This Milan bar has beautifully crafted cocktails, fabulous people-watching and delicious focaccia. Even better: It's all served in a fresh, spare space with vintage and contemporary design details.

Photo: Courtesy of Ubiquitous Chip

12. The Wee Pub – Glasgow

The smallest bar in Scotland (with an impressively large selection of scotch) is located inside the terrific Ubiquitous Chip restaurant. After a few wee drams, retreat to the beautiful Victorian-era mews and courtyard for fresh air.

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