7 reasons to put Turkey on your Euro summer bucket list

Published August 26th, 2015

Turkey is fast gaining a reputation as one of the most coveted destinations in the world. Why, you ask? Turkey ticks all the boxes, no matter what you seek from a holiday!

From delicious fresh food and sweets, to rich culture, varied history and breathtaking natural wonders; Turkey has all bases covered for every kind of traveller, making for a diverse travel experience in the one spot! Still unconvinced?

Here are 7 reasons why it needs to be on your bucket list for European summer!

Watching the sun rise over Cappadocia. Photo by Prasanthi Purusothaman

1. Watch the sun rise from a hot air balloon

You’ve probably seen the various photos on Instagram or Pinterest of the hundred or so hot air balloons taking off at the crack of dawn over Cappadocia. It’s time to create your own!

Prasanthi inside the Blue Mosque. Photo by Prasanthi Purusothaman

2. Explore beautiful architecture in Istanbul

Istanbul, perhaps Turkey’s most famous city, is unique in that it is located over both the European and Asian continents. Making for an amazing eclectic mix of architecture throughout the city.

From the very colonial style palace of Dolmabahce, to the intricate interior of the incredible Blue Mosque, to the Ottoman influences apparent in the ancient Topkapi Palace, it is impossible to take a bad snap here!

Soaking up the calcite rays in Pamukkale. Photo by Prasanthi Purusothaman

3. The breathtaking landscapes of Pammukkale & Cappadocia

Looking for another otherworldly experience, just visit Cappadocia. The landscapes here are unreal: think extraterrestrial Star-Wars-esque terrain, amazing hikes, and Goreme’s fairy chimneys. Take a look at Love Valley for some errr… interesting shaped rock formations.

Or perhaps you’d ratherrelax in the stark white thermal pools of Pamukkale, where people have been swimming for hundreds of years due to the pools apparent healing properties; you’ll feel like you are way up in the clouds!

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Hagia Sofia of Istanbul at night in Turkey

4. Historical minefield: Ephesus and Hagia Sophia

For all you history buffs, Turkey is a treasure chest of well-preserved remnants of empires and times past. From the gargantuous Hagia Sophia, one of the ancient wonders of the world, to the incredibly well preserved Roman city of Ephesus in the west there is plenty for you to explore as you time warp yourself into Turkey’s varied historical past.

Watching Oludeniz from Lycian Way

5. World class beaches on the Turquoise Coast

The Dalaman and Lycian coasts (collectively known as the Turquoise coast) are fast gaining a reputation for housing some of the best beaches in the world. Paraglide over Oludeniz beach (Blue Lagoon) near Fethiye, visit Olympos and hang out in cool tree houses, or visit Kas for some epic diving.

Turkish delight for days. Photo by Prasanthi Purusothaman

6. Food food food

Turkish cuisine is delightful (pun intended)! You will love trying out the different fresh foods, dips, soft bread and of course, kebabs. For those with a sweet tooth, just stroll the Grand Bazaar and savour at the best Turkish delight from the source (try honey and pistachio) and baklava and be transported to sugary heaven.

Gallipoli's Anzac Cove

7. Pay your respects at Gallipoli

No trip to Turkey as an Aussie would be complete without a visit to Gallipoli. The site now serves as a poignant and peaceful memorial and reminder of the sacrifices laid down by our forefathers for us to enjoy our days. Lest we forget.

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