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Tread lightly: 8 Eco-friendly holiday ideas for Bali

Published August 7th, 2015

More than one million Australians visited Indonesia last year, with many heading straight to our favourite tropical home away from home, Bali.

With more Aussie traffic heading to the Indonesian island than ever before, we thought it was a good time to chat with the Bali Tourism Office and ask for their best eco-friendly holiday ideas to inspire the conscious traveler. Here is their list of the top eight eco-friendly holiday tips for Bali.

Agro tourism at Bagus Agro Pelaga - Badung Regency

Bagus Agro Pelaga is an agro tourism resort nestled amongst the lush tranquil forest high in the hills of the Pucak Mangu mountain range. Surround yourself with nature and hills full of colourful flowers, while enjoying swims under the majestic waterfall and hands-on learning about sustainable farming practices.

Spend each day in serenity at Bagus Agro Pelaga. Image: Bagus Agro Pelaga

Turtle conservation at Turtle Islands - South Kuta

The smallest of the three islands of Pulau Penyu, or 'Turtle Islands', Serangun Island features a turtle conservation area where you can observe or help to protect an endangered species while lapping up a breathtaking coastal environment.

Mangrove plantation at Suwung - South of Denpasar

Visit and participate in Sanur’s reforestation efforts to protect the village's coastline with their ever-expanding mangrove forest. There’s an annual arts festival called Sanur Village Festival, which helps them mobilise support for the conservation program.

See cultural performances at Sanur's annual arts festival. Image: Sanur Village Festival

Sailing and exploring at Benoa Harbour - Badung Regency

For hundreds of years, reef-sheltered Labuhan Benoa was the entry point from the sea for all of South Bali. Go to the port and meet with local crews who can take you out on an eco-friendly sailing adventure, letting you explore the rich marine life beneath.

Coffee Agro Tourism at Bangli - Tabanan & Buleleng regencies

Head straight to the highlands to see the traditional Balinese way of making coffee. Coffee was imported by the Dutch back in the 16th century, so they’ve had a while to master the skill. You can also purchase all sorts of fair-trade, organic and home-made treats.

Marine conservation at Coral Reef - Pemuteran Bay

Coral Reef is a community-driven and award-winning artificial reef project (a coral nursery of sorts) complete with magnificent marine life. It is the largest Biorock coral reef nursery and restoration project in the world.

Snorkeling at Coral Reef on Pemuteran Bay

Back to basics at Pemuteran Village

You will find no cafes, bars, restaurants or clubs at Pemuteran. You can instead enjoy a small laid-back beach complete with black sand, beautiful scenery and resorts. Take a break from the busy world and get back to basics while exploring this pristine area.

Sharks and marine conservation - Serangan Island

Head to Serangan to see The Serangan Shark Project, a conservation nursery that lets you swim with and learn about reef sharks. There are other eco-friendly diving and snorkeling options in this area, allowing you to get up close with manta rays, giant sun fish (mola mola) and more.

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Jolee Wakefield

A seasoned backpacker and travel writer, Jolee has spent the past decade wandering the globe in pursuit of good vibes, unusual conversations and unforgettable adventures like cave diving in Mexico, mountain climbing in Borneo and learning (failing at) local dances in the Pacific nation of Kiribati.