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Belen Hostalet's Thailand Beach Break

Published August 25th, 2015

Earlier this month Student Flights sent Instagrammer and beach-loving babe Belen Hostalet on a trip to Thailand to explore Koh Samui, Phuket, and the Phi Phi Islands.

This Barcelona-by-way-of-Brisbane based wanderlust-lover talks to us about her beach break and all the fav Thailand moments...

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Thailand is well known for being an island paradise, if you had to pick your favourite beach or island during your trip, where would it have been?

All of Thailand is amazing, so it’s very difficult just to pick one place, but Phi Phi islands were gorgeous with their emerald green waters. The vibrant colours of the mountains and the local boats definitely made me fall in love with Thailand and made me promise to myself that I will be back.

It’s also well know as being the ‘land of smiles’ with amazing food, people, culture and religion, did you learn something new or find any tips on enlightenment?

The people are amazing, they are always smiling and they treat you as kings and queens. The food is just amazing, Thai food is one of my favourites, particularly Pad Thai, I know it’s a typical dish you can find in any Thai restaurant, but there’s definitely not like having it in Thailand. I also really loved the tropical fruits – the mangoes, guavas and lychees are everything! Something I learned is that Thai people are very smart; they know you are tourist, so they will charge you accordingly, but they also love to barter. Say less than the price you are really willing to pay so at the end they will charge a fair price.

Was this your first time to Thailand?

Yes, but it will not be the last!

What was the main thing that stood out to you about the country? How is it different from other Asian places you’ve been?

I had just come from Bali when I arrived to Thailand, and I was really surprised that it’s not that crowded and chaotic as people think. Everything is clean from the streets to the stores and restaurants. I thought it would be as crazy as Bali, but I was pleasantly surprised. Also people are very friendly and the beaches… there are no beaches anywhere else in the world with that amazing turquoise colour.

Best meal you had during your trip?

Seafood Pad Thai omelette and an amazing Lobster bigger than me (laughs).

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Best memory?

The views in Phi Phi islands and Koh Tao

Best place to party?

Phuket of course, it’s crazy!

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Best purchase?

An amazing Leather bag for less than 20$

Top 5 things to pack for a beach break holiday?

Bikinis, dresses, sunscreen, sneakers and of course my camera

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Best piece of advice for someone heading to Thailand for beach break?

Visit all the islands. Don’t stay in just one, move around! There are beautiful hikes to do and it’s very cheap to get into other islands or to rent a boat for a day, and always go with a guide, because their history is beautiful and it’s interesting to hear and appreciate while you are there!

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