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Student Flights' top 10 blogs of July

Published August 6th, 2015

Every month Student Flights has you covered when it comes to travel inspiration, whether it be partying in Spain, the world's biggest music festivals, backpacking through Europe or surfing in Hawaii. So where have our readers been sourcing their next overseas dreams this month?

Here's a list of our most-read stories from July, which might be as equally rewarding as binge-watching five seasons of Game of Thrones.

1. 30 places to visit before 30

Portland in the USA made the list. Where else?

Some say travel is best when you are young. The jury is still split on that, but our readers certainly enjoyed this inspiring list of worldwide destinations to visit before hitting the big three-oh.

2. Pre-Release Croatia Sailing & Ultra Europe Music Festival 2016

There's still time to party for less in Croatia

People got extra excited about our pre-release sale of an epic Croatia sailing holiday with Busabout. If you're just hearing about it, never fear, you've still got time (only just!). Pre-reg ends 7 August, so get cracking!

3. Why winter in Europe is a winner

Why not spend winter in Europe?

It seems our chilly winter weather got some travellers thinking about snow on a completely different side of the world. This inspiring piece includes things to see and do during a stunning European winter.

4. Top tours to take in the USA

Visit the bright lights with an NYC tour

The United States is always a good destination for getting people's feet itchy. With so many places to see, things to do and people to meet, we've always thought a fun group tour is the way to go!

5. Lay-by your end-off-year vacay

You don't need all your chickens in a row (or money in the bank) before locking in an overseas adventure. Cassandra Laffey breaks down Student Flights' awesome lay-by travel options.

6. The dos and don'ts of Splendour in the Grass

There's always one. Don't be that one. Photo: Stephen Booth

The most recent Splendour in the Grass festival got people thinking about making the best decisions for a good time (because no one likes a party liability). This little list of recommendations helps you get the most out of one of Australia's biggest music events.

7. Best US cities for sports fans

Cheer on your favourite team in the USA

Who doesn't love combining sports with the USA? The country is practically designed around the entertaining spectacles of football, baseball, basketball and more. Check out this cheeky infographic that got plenty of readers imagining their own sport-inspired US holiday.

8. Anna Howard's hipster guide to Melbourne

Get the lowdown on Melbourne's trendy areas

Some things never change. Melbourne has always been a little more hip than its fellow Australian capital cities. Anna Howard offers the lowdown on embracing the trendy side of this iconic city.

9. Eat, drink, detox: Best budget health retreat destinations

Cleanse body, soul and mind around the world

We could all use a little health kick (maybe just me). What better way to make your insides love you again than checking into a health retreat at one of the tranquil destinations in this health-inspired article.

10. Top 5 places to party in Eastern Europe

Find your ideal party in Eastern Europe

Talk about contrasts! Rounding out our top 10 blogs of July is an insider's look at where to party in Eastern Europe, including a couple of places that might surprise you.

Ben Stower

I love the kind of travelling that is one part strategic planning and two parts spontaneous adventure. Whether I'm exploring my local city or a small town in the middle of nowhere, I'm always hoping to find something no one else has discovered.