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Asia a-go-go!

Published September 18th, 2015

Flashing lights, crowded spaces, rowdy festivals and parties in out-of-the-way places. When visiting Asia, things might get weird, because almost anything can happen in this part of the world.

Check out these legendary instagrams, which highlight the kind of crazy and wacky fun you can enjoy in Asia. You might not come back the same, but that's kind of the point isn't it?

Android Entertainment

Animatronic spiders, crazy costumes, and fembot cabaret at Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. Weird, hilarious, and a ton of fun (Image: @aaaaaaaadrien)

Serious Debauchery

Tens of thousands of revelers flock to the sands of Koh Phangan, Thailand, every month for the legendary Full Moon Party (Image: @elleloof)

Everyone's Soaked

Don't expect to stay dry at Songkran festival in Bangkok, which ushers in the Thai New Year with a massive water fight. This photographer was splashed right after snapping (Image: @rockkhound)

Nocturnal Shanghai

The familiar neon glow of a city that doesn't sleep. The party possibilites are endless (Image: @hirozzzz)

Local Sounds

Rock out to regional bands and famous international acts at the Formoz Festival in Taipei, Taiwan (Image: @momomomoc)

Dress To Impress

A colorful scene at the Chingay Parade in Singapore (Image: @jonty_jo)

Get Messy

Mix up your look at the Holi festival in Pushkar, India (Image: @holyfarmer)

Seoul Night Market

For your late-night shopping and comfort food fix (Image: @jgerba)

Craving a Thai holiday? Belen Hostalet’s Thailand Beach Break

Go for something different. Why not Langkawi?

One Big Blur

Confetti flying, music blasting, people bumping. It's a party in Saigon, Vietnam (Image: @yongfook)

Morning After

We told you the Full Moon Party in Kho Phangan was wild, didn't we? (Image: @ekkaratpunyatara)

Take A Load Off

Wrestlers at an akhada (exercise house) in Bombay hit the weights, not the club, to unwind (Image: @hashimbadani)

New Dance Move?

Party 101 from the streets of Singapore. Keep the energy up at all times, everywhere (Image: @aikbengchia)

Daytime Fun

Good vibes around the clock on Palolem Beach in Goa, India. The spot is renown for its after-dark headphone parties (Image: @aujinrew)

A Weird Night

Sample local delicacies like deer penis wine, turtle testicles, and snake blood down Snake Alley in Taipei (Image: @jethromullen)

Party Attire

Adorned, pierced, and draped in ceremonial garb for the Hindu festival of Thaipusam (Image: @shinyen_neoh)

Malaysian Celebration

Nothing beats the energy, color, and preparation of Chinese New Year festivities (Image: @udeyismaiil)

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