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Far-flung frontiers around the world

Published September 17th, 2015

Arctic tundras, inaccessible peaks and deep wilderness. These places seem unfriendly to humans at first glance, but curious souls who approach with open arms will be rewarded with majestic vistas.

We're all for venturing away from the regular crowd and applaud any traveller, such as the ones below, who brave the path less travelled.

Party In The Wilderness

Waking up in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. Photo: @barnabykent

A Curious Formation

Flying a kite at the mercy of eroding rocks in Cape Kiwanda, Oregon. Photo: @jaredwhitney

Mt Wilhelm

Traces of human life in the isolated, virgin highlands of Papua New Guinea. Photo: @barnabykent

High Arctic Snow Sports

A skier surmounts a steep slope in the remote arctic islands of Svalbard. Photo: @kristinetorkildson

Wild Horses

Catching up with a rare and majestic sight in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota. Photo: @leeannelandis

Take a chance: Overboard on the Zambezi River

It's a tough job ... Living the dream in Costa Rica

Take Your Time To Ascend

Climbers at Russia’s Mt Elbrus acclimate for a few days before attempting to reach the summit. Photo: @oh_jeweler

A Sea Of Dunes

Only the back of a camel will carry you over the golden dunes of Erg Chebbi, Morocco. Photo: @passtiche

Palms From A Pond

Stopping everything for a moment to take a look at the world reflected from below. Photo: @passtiche

Rushing By

Leaning over some rapids on a hike through the Altai Mountains in south-eastern Siberia. Photo: @prihodkocom

Red Planet

Taking careful steps through the crimson badlands of the Tian Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan. Photo: @ptaha_ptashka

Diving Board

This snow-covered pier on a Japanese lake makes for an unconvincing iceberg. Photo: @10_ya

Step Into The Void

This glass box, suspended thousands of metres above the French Alps, is built to withstand your weight. Photo: @rupert_marlow

Ghost Town

The dry air blows in over the Salton Sea in California. Photo: @shepherdphoto

A Cold Shower

Posing before some frigid falls near Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Photo: @themelodyh

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