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Are llamas the world's cutest animal?

Published September 10th, 2015

What's the cutest animal you've ever spotted on your travels? Many will say it's most certainly sea lions, especially the ones on the Galapagos Islands.

But an equally strong faction is arguing for another contender: the llama.

Wonderfully weird looking. Incredibly endearing and photogenic. They've been spotted in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, but llamas especially seem to love Peru, where they can be seen everywhere from Incan ruins to city streets.

Are they the cutest animals in the world? You be the judge.

Best Friends

A couple of chummy pals (Image: Bob Betzen / Flickr)

A Casual Afternoon

Just kicking back at Machu Picchu (Image: Emilio Labrador / Flickr)

The In Crowd

We know we look good (Image: imke.stahlmann / Flickr)

The Loner

Just call me the Lone Wolf ... or Nigel No Friends ... I don't mind (Jocelyn Saurini / Flickr)

Two of a Kind

These two were made for each other (Image: pululante / Flickr)

Cousin Itt

Can you see under there? (Image: Matthew Straubmuller / Flickr)

From Great Heights

There's no tall poppy syndrome in the llama kingdom (Image: Barbara Eckstein)

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New Haircut

I specifically told him just a little off the top! (Image: Cliff / Flickr)

Hanging Out

Don't call me alpaca (Image: Jocelyn Saurini / Flickr)

Dog and Pony Show

The belles of the ball (Image: AHLN / Flickr)

Little Ones

Best friends forever (Image: Kmilo . / Flickr)

Llama Selfie

It's not vanity when you're this good looking ... it's just llama nature (Image: Thomas Quine / Flickr)


Dressed to impress (Image: leander.canaris / Flickr)

Kings of the World

I saw it first (Image: Nick Jewell / Flickr)

Photo Op

How could anyone pick the cutest of this bunch? (Image: oliver.dodd / Flickr)

As Far as the Eye Can See

Barry! Don't you ignore me, I know you're in here somewhere! (Image: pululante / Flickr)

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