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15 poses from yogis overseas

Published September 9th, 2015

Whether they're stuck in a boring hotel room, lost in the jungle or adrift at sea, these fifteen traveling yogis know how to strike a pose and stay calm.

As inspirational as their flexibility and balance is, they pale in comparison to the destinations and landscapes they've visited. Ready, set, travel and stretch!

Tree Pose

Let's start easy with the classic vrksasana in Borobodur, Indonesia (Image: @dailyritualyoga)

Mountain Pose

Get in position for a tadasana on a camel in Morocco (Image: @ambercampion)

Easy Pose

Striking a sukhasana on a the road through the US' west (Image: @justinbastien)

One-Arm Handstand

Eka hasta vrksasana is solid balance work on Swami's Beach in Encinitas, California, a favorite yogi town in Southern California (Image: @_wilfdan)

Lord of the Dance

Paint Londontown red with a natarajasana (Image: @siannasherman)

Side Plank Pose

Doing variation of vasisthasana in a hotel room. He'll admire the view of Chao Praya river in Bangkok when he does the other side (Image: @methchulayoga)

Handstand Split

An eka hasta vrksasana in Boulder, Colorado, makes being between a rock and a hard place look fun (Image: @janetstoneyoga)

Child's Pose

A balasana is child's play in Maderas, Nicaragua (Image: @motoyogisurfer)

Crow's Pose

Become one with nature and strike a bakasana (Image: @elizagilesyoga)


An adho mukha vrksasana will keep you warm in Hveragerdi, Iceland (Image: @aarona.ganesan)

Low Lunge

Make like an iguana with an anjaneyasana in Red Rock Canyon Park in Nevada (Image: @philosophiemama)

Monkey Pose

An impressive hanumanasana on a staircase in Japan (Image: @seonia)

Lotus Pose

Recalibrate with a padmasana and a paddleboard (Image: @koyawebb)

Warrior III Pose

Looking out to sea mid virabhadrasana III on the coast in Brela, Croatia (Image: @sassyyogini)

Chair Pose

Salute the setting sun with an utkatasana on Santa Monica Pier in California (Image: @gypsea_yogini)

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