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New UK shop serves only potato chip sandwiches

Published September 7th, 2015

After Belfast, a second shop serving sandwiches stuffed with potato chips – or crisps, as the Brits would say – has opened for junk food junkies.

Mr. Crisp opened in Keighley, West Yorkshire, in northern England this week, where customers can choose from 50 varieties of chip and crisp flavours and a selection of conveyor buns, such as white or brown bread, tea cakes and baguettes, reports the Mirror UK.

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For about $A1.10 (50p) more, customers can also splash out by adding toppings such as ketchup, salad dressing, peanut butter, Marmite, chocolate spread, jam and marshmallow. Inspired by the 'world’s first chip sandwich shop', Simply Crispy, which opened as a pop-up in Belfast this year, entrepreneur Mark Pearson told the Mirror he decided to bring the concept to England. It’s the latest novelty food trend out of the UK to take a normally mundane food item and give it its own show.

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In London, for instance, there’s The Porridge Cafe, which charges up to £7 ($A15.40) for a bowl of gourmet-ified oats, and The Cereal Killer Cafe, which stocks 120 brands that can be topped with everything from fresh fruit to M&M’s chocolates and Oreo cookies.

Like the cereal cafe, Mr. Crisp’s appeal also lies in evoking childhood memories of sneaking potato chips into sandwiches for added crunch.

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