Where are you spending Schoolies?

Published September 24th, 2015

Take it from just about everyone who’s ever been to Schoolies on the Gold Coast – it really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure there’s sun, surf, theme parks and shopping, but if you can be convinced to explore further afield, we’ve got some other pretty amazing Schoolies options!

Freedom so close you can almost taste it...

Perhaps you’d prefer to chill in Byron Bay, party in tropical Airlie Beach or head to the Sunshine Coast for some adventure? Why not round up some mates and check out our Schoolies packages in Fiji, Vanuatu, Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal and Europe! Most of the packages include all the vitals from food to accommodation, airfares, transfers, activities and entertainment included – no toolies in sight! Feeling enlightened after all the schooling? Why not volunteer abroad in a community in Thailand or Cambodia and have a do-good holiday instead?


Keen to just chill on an island, sunbake and snorkel? Vanuatu’s Hideaway Island is where you can celebrate freedom with 130 other like-minded school-leavers. While it’s an alcohol-free zone, you won’t miss out on the party with awesome DJs and entertainment every night.


Schoolies-only party paradise in the middle of Fijian paradise? What’s not to love? Dance to dawn and sleep by day in the hammock at the water’s edge, taking refreshing dips in crystal clear water at your leisure!


The Schoolies experiences you’ll never forget, spend 10 days volunteering in a Hill Tribe in Northern Thailand. Enjoying the simple life and making new friends, you’ll get back more than you put into this remarkable journey. Not to mention some wonderful cuisine and thrilling adventure activities.

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Get more bang-for-your-buck on your hard-earned minimum-wage dollars in Bali. Where you’ll stay in 4-star accommodation and taste the rainbow of fun that is Bali, from chilling at the beach club to shopping in Kuta and fun day-trips including horse riding and safaris. And, surfers can take advantage of some of the best breaks in the world!


Be the instagram envy of your friends when you escape to vibrant Vietnam. First take in the sights and sounds of Hanoi and the beauty of Halong Bay before heading to the hills for your community project in Vietnam’s rural villages. With plenty of opportunity for experience not only the culture but also the beauty of Vietnam.


Switch your swimmers for a beanie and get ahead on the ‘culture’ steaks, ticking off nine European countries of your travel-bucket-list in 21 days. See snow-capped Swiss Alps, sip on hot coffee in Paris, indulge in pasta in Italy and be blown away by history in Prague.


If you really want to do something different, take a life changing journey to Cambodia where you’ll volunteer in Siem Reap’s orphanages. Make an impact on a young person’s life through helping teach English for a few weeks. Learn about a new culture and have fun in the process!


Into dreads and hippie pants? Just kidding. Nepal is for everyone. And, this Schoolies experience is for those seeking a truly diverse experience. Sightsee in Kathmandu before trekking to a remote village where you’ll undertake an exciting community project and get to know the locals. The trip ends with time to reflect on your memorable experience in the relaxed lake side town of Pokhara.

Rachel Surgeoner

A self-confessed 'food-tourist', I take hunting for the world's greatest sandwich very seriously, my quest has taken me from Berlin to Hoboken. Stopping off only for vintage shopping, craft beers and Mediterranean sunsets.