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10 questions with Lauren and Khy on Eastern Europe with Busabout

Published October 8th, 2015

What does summer in Eastern Europe look like? If you’re imaging medieval castles, a church made from human bones, pumping underground nightlife, old towns and squares filled with markets, cycling along cobblestone streets stopping off for ice-cream, a national park filled with endless waterfalls, and exploring medieval walled cities – you’d be spot on.

Student Flights teamed up with Busabout to send Instagram duo, Lauren (@ gypsea_lust) and Khy (@khyorchard) on an epic jaunt through Eastern Europe back in July. Starting with Busabout’s Classic Rhapsody Trek through Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Plitvice and Split; then onto Europe’s biggest dance music festival, Ultra, and ending with a week of sailing Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast.

Here’s what Lauren and Khy had to say about the trip, but we think the photos speak for themselves.

All photos taken by Lauren and Khy. 

The view from Srd Mountain, Dubrovnik

1. Of all the cities you visited in Eastern Europe on your Busabout Classic Rhapsody tour, which was your favourite?

Lauren: Budapest; the diverse culture and historical architecture, highlight for me was the thermal baths.

Khy: Kraków

Plitvice National Park - aqua greens for miles...

2. What was the best meal you had in your entire trip?

We both agree that the food on the entire sail Croatia trip was incredible, the chefs on the boat put on a delicious lunch!

Eat, swim, sleep. Repeat

3. How did you manage to get an empty shot of the famous baths in Budapest?

There was a heatwave while we were in Hungary and that day was a scorching 45 degrees, as an late afternoon storm rolled in everyone cleared the pools and we stuck around the enjoy it to ourselves.

Lauren taking in Budapest's thermal baths (all to herself!)

4. Best sunset?
Srd Mountain, overlooking Dubrovnik! Insane

5. Most memorable moment?

Mljet National Park Croatia. This island was so incredibly beautiful! We both instantly feel in love with Mljet.

Chasing waterfalls in Plitvice

6. Where's a place you'd definitely go back to again?

Hard to say just one place we would definitely go back to, there was many amazing places, and each so unique! Croatia, yes, it ticked all our boxes! From the beautiful landscapes, ancient architecture and the crystal clear waters. We would also love to get back to Prague and spend some more time there too.

Budapest river  cruise at sunset

7. A place you visited that surprised you the most?

Poland... we both didn't know what to expect with Poland, and it impressed us! It was almost like stepping back in time, we enjoyed every town we visited in Poland, and found a lot of the history so interesting! It helped that our guide was from Poland, and knew so much vital information and history

8. Best purchase?

The best souvenir I got was a sunhat in Croatia. Hats being my favourite accessory, it's always fun to find a new hat to match the location.

Lauren just chillin'  on an army tank with Yoseph the crazy Slovakian

9. Bus or boat? Which did you prefer?

Boat! We are both boat people and love to be on the water so that's an easy one. We loved having the freedom and space to relax and walk around your home for the week while you’re on your way to the next location!

Sailing Croatia - dive right in!

10. What can't you travel without?

We cannot travel without our cameras! They are our most valuable travel essential, being able to capture your memories from your trip is so important.

Lauren and Khy enjoying the Hvar sunset

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