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Giving is contagious at Burning Man

Published October 8th, 2015

Third time's a charm, or so the saying goes. Burning Man devotees Rus Kuznetsov and Alla Kostenko headed back to Nevada's Black Rock Desert for their third visit to Burning Man, the annual festival/social experiment of temporary community and radical self-expression. The duo, authors of the travel blog Our Home World, delve deeper with groovy photos that highlight how outrageous this festival can get ...

"On our first visit to Burning Man, we were more stunned tourists than full-fledged participants. On our second visit, we were almost entirely submerged and integrated within the festival's atmosphere and people. This year, our third visit, we knew what to expect.

Burning Man is about giving. This year we brought wine, bourbon, and music to share with our fellow attendees. Here, Rus is playing a Russian lullaby to a couple taking their midday nap. Photo: Alla Kostenko

"We went as observers — or explorers — ready to immerse ourselves all the way. From our very first visit to Black Rock City, we were intrigued and amused with one of the event's main ideas: giving. Whether it is a sticker, a foot massage, an eccentric outfit, or a cool beverage, as long as you offer it with an open heart and no expectation of receiving anything back, you're doing what you're meant to be doing.

"This sets the atmosphere on the playa, and it is contagious."

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Check out more highlights below.

Things that seem impossible in regular life become possible at Burning Man. Like surfing a perfect barrel wave on the sandy playa. Photo: Rus Kuznetsov
Mornings are best for riding your bike around the playa and exploring the installations, like Tree of Transformation, a six-metre interactive musical tree. Photo: Rus Kuznetsov
This is the main art installation, The Man. On the final night, festival-goers gather around and watch as the sculpture is burned. Photo: Alla Kostenko
The suburbs of Black Rock City. Photo: Rus Kuznetsov
Swarms of bugs and serious dust storms are part of a typical day at Burning Man. As author John Curley says: "Always be prepared when you come here. It’s called radical self-reliance." Photo: Rus Kuznetsov
The busy streets of Black Rock City centre. Photo: Rus Kuznetsov
A Brazilian actress posing in front of the R-Evolution art installation. Photo: Alla Kostenko
The only motorised transportation allowed in Black Rock City are mutant cars — vehicles that are creatively altered to amuse and entertain. Photo: Rus Kuznetsov
Burners hanging on the Mars Molecule Project art installation. Photo: Alla Kostenko
This year's theme is carnival of mirrors. The Compound Eye/I art installation perfectly reflects it. Photo: Rus Kuznetsov
Love art installation. Photo: Alla Kostenko
An art car that was famous among burners for sharing excellent whiskey. Photo: Alla Kostenko
A spectacular fire show from one of the art cars. Photo: Rus Kuznetsov
A group of burners striking a pose on the playa. Photo: Rus Kuznetsov
Burners walking in awe and complete silence toward the fire that consumed "The Temple of Promise" on closing night. Photo: Rus Kuznetsov
The burning of the man on the last night. Photo: Rus Kuznetsov
The morning after "The Man" is torched, burners gathered around the ashes to look for pieces of the structure. They cooked pancakes, bacon, sausages, and even roasted a pig. Photo: Rus Kuznetsov
Sunset over Black Rock City. Photo: Rus Kuznetsov

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