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Sadtopographie: Depressing places on Instagram

Published October 15th, 2015

In an ideal world, we would all live in places whose names are filled with warmth and happiness. Sunshine Street. Golden Road. Merriment Valley. Joy Unconfined Avenue.

Unfortunately – as you may have noticed – our planet is not wholly ecstatic. Why, you only have to look at the global map to spot places tinged with sadness and misery.

You need not look too closely, either. Because one ingenious Instagram account – Sadtopographies – has already done the hard work, picking out some of the best (or should that be worst?) towns, landmarks and locations whose names ring with negativity.

Our advice is to avoid the following places like a party-goer covered in paint. Instead, head to somewhere that makes you smile and dream of one day living there.

Termination Point

Picture: Sadtopographie

An easy drive west of Seattle, in Washington, US. Is it the end of the line? Not in the slightest – continue west of here, and you are on to the Olympic Peninsula, one of America’s natural wonders. Still, it sounds striking.


Picture: Sadtopographie

Can there be a place with a more bleakly romantic moniker than this village in Lombardy, Italy? Perhaps not. Although, seeing as it sits awfully close to Bergamo and Brescia, and is only 160 kilometres from the urban delights of Milan, it’s all rather inaccurate.

Unfortunate Cove

Picture: Sadtopographie

Not a jaunty description of a man down on his luck in a 19th Century novel – as in “Did you hear about poor Jenkinson? He has the pox, the unfortunate cove” – but a bay at the north tip of Newfoundland, Canada. It looks on to the Strait of Belle Isle. Now you know.

Killer Lake

Picture: Sadtopographie

“Where shall we go on holiday this year, darling?”

“How about Killer Lake? It’s just outside Bon Echo Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.”

“Any other suggestions?”

Bloody Springs

Picture: Sadtopographie

Some places have names that call out to the traveller, demanding that they pay them a visit. This little corner of Mississippi, in the southern USA, probably isn’t one of them.

Heartache Road

Picture: Sadtopographie

Elvis famously sang of Heartbreak Hotel, on Lonely Street. This underpopulated lane, in East Helena, Montana, somehow manages to sound even more soaked in failed romance.

Killer Lake!? No thanks. Go to these places instead!

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Point No Point

Picture: Sadtopographie

You have to admire Washington state for its sense of gloom. Point No Point is not only badly named – it is, indeed, a Point – but it lurks at the tip of the Kitsap Peninsula, just 43 kilometres by road (and far nearer by flying crow) from Termination Point. Cheer up, people.

Nowhere Else

Picture: Sadtopographie

Presumably, at some point in the last century, settlers found themselves in the north of Australia’s last hurrah, Tasmania, and ruled there was “Nowhere Else” they’d rather be.

Terror Lake

Picture: Sadtopographie

“OK darling. I’ve had a rethink.”

“Go on.”

“How about Terror Lake? It’s on Kodiak Island in Alaska. Reasonably accessible from Anchorage. Has its own hydroelectric power station. What do you say?”

“I’d say you’re an idiot.”

Mistake Island

Picture: Sadtopographie

Tucked off the south coast of Maine – so close to Canada that it almost isn’t American, this sorry-sounding nugget of land can at least console itself with the thought that it has a more imaginative name than its neighbours – Green Island and Water Island. Inventive.

Melancholy Waterhole

Picture: Sadtopographie

Sounds like – a Coldplay album. Is actually – a remote corner of western Queensland.

Depression Pond

Picture: Sadtopographie

Hidden in Dover, New York State, only 145 kilometres from the Big Apple. Which surely deserves some sort of smile. Think of those Broadway shows, all those skyscrapers …

Mount Despair

Picture: Sadtopographie

A very high-rise portion of Montana, which rears to a mighty 2,616 metres in the protected zone of Glacier National Park. That sounds magnificent, not a reason for despair.

Shades Of Death Road

Picture: Sadtopographie

Would you buy a house on a street with a name like this? If you fancy it, it’s in Independence Township, just 90 kilometres from New York, in the north-west of New Jersey.

Dead Dog Island

Picture: Sadtopographie

Located in French River Provincial Park, in Ontario. Its near neighbours are Pig Island and Little Pig Island – which, if they don’t sound utterly idyllic, do at least sound alive.

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