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Never Have I Ever partied with Frenchy in LA

Published October 7th, 2015

So you enter a photo competition with Australia’s largest youth travel retailer (that’s us!) and you win! Fast forward a few weeks and you’re on a plane to LA to party it up with Aussie comedian Frenchy.

We asked our Never Have I Ever competition winners, Perth locals Jasha and his mate Steve, to recap on their Los Angeles adventure with Frenchy...

Photo evidence...

10 questions with Jasha and Steve

1. Does Frenchy live up to his larrikin persona in real life

Frenchy was a good guy and awesome fun to hang out with.

2. How'd you deal with the jetlag?
Staying up and alcohol.

3. Did you guys meet any girls / guys? (i.e. did anyone get a pash?)
Can't remember, so probably not.

4. Craziest bar or place you visited in LA?
Sound Nightclub.

5. Most heart-attack inducing food and/or drink you had in LA?
Shooting tequila.

6. Where'd you stay and how'd you get around?
Hilton Hollywood, Uber or Sean (our Camera man).

7. (Other than Frenchy) did you meet any LA crazy characters?
Josh Wade, Rackaracka twins, Sean O'Reilly.

8. Where'd you pick up the horse head prop?
It was passed down from father to son, in a ritual on a moonless night when the son had made his first kill and finally become a man in the eyes of his clan.

9. Spot any stars?
Don't think so.

10. Will LA be welcoming you back anytime soon?
Yes, on the way back to Vegas!

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