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26 things to be thankful for while travelling

Published November 26th, 2015

In light of Thanksgiving in the US of A, today, the 26th of November, we thought we’d highlight 26 of the things that saved our asses time and time again when travelling.

Sometimes it’s the little things; like being helped with directions from a friendly local, to the big things, like scoring an upgrade or avoiding foot fungus!


1. Wet wipes at festivals / for all those times you got caught out in the loo without paper

2. Free WIFI in cafes / on tour buses / hotel lobbies / parks

#heart #wifi #spacer A photo posted by Ꮴictoria Cook (@vic_the_doge) on

3. Free continental breakfast at your hostel

☕️ #continentalbreakfast #capecolonyinn #provincetown #massachusettes #usakanadaroadtrip

A photo posted by Dominika Menegoni (@ilovemylife_87) on

4. Universal power adapters

5. Late check-out / Early check-in

Current view; current vibes. #latecheckout #roomservice #bestview

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6. Free walking tours with locals

A new #freewalkingtour this Saturday morning. Great group. A photo posted by Salta Free Walking Tours (@saltafreetours) on

7. Stumbling across a favourite new restaurant without the help of a guide book

8. Scoring the exit row aisle or even getting two (or more) seats to yourself on a bus/ train/plane

LOOK AT ALL MY LEG ROOM!!!!! #wonthetravellottery #exitaisle #americanadventure A photo posted by Louise vW (@louisevnwk) on

9. Mastering driving on the other side of the road

10. Translator apps

#translatorapp #lifesaver ❤ A photo posted by Lillyy (@lillyjefferies) on

11. Bar crawls, for meeting people

Hittin' the slopes with these goofs #retroski #barcrawl

A photo posted by Mary McMullan (@marymcmullan) on

12. Snow in July

13. Cities that turn into homes, that turn into lifelong memories

14. Strangers that turn into friends

15. Shower thongs for hostels

Don't hate me cos you ain't me ☝️ #socksandslides #nike #showershoes

A photo posted by N A K I T A (@nakita.willetts) on

16. Days without plans or direction

#hammock #chillax #cantimestop #latergram A photo posted by Julie Yoo (@julz1201) on

17. Ear plugs for the nights you want to sleep + noise cancelling headphones

18. When the exchange rate is in your favour

Pesos came in today. Looks like we're gonna make it rain in Mexico... #GoodExchangeRate #FunnyMoney A video posted by Eric Morrison (@_ericmorrison_) on

19. Perfect weather (Sunshine on a rainy day, makes my soul, makes my soul, trip, trip, trip away)

Yup, there's magic over here but shh, keep it a secret! #discover #cuba

A photo posted by H O P E (@hopeammen) on

20. Having rellies or friends to crash with

My little home away from home the next little while A photo posted by Precious LaPlante (@preciouslaplante) on

21. Sweet insider tips from locals

22. Someone helping you figure out public transport

The adventure begins! #London #citylife #newjob #oystercard #publictransport A photo posted by Jenika (@jenika_84) on

23. Free upgrades on planes / in hotels / car hire

#mustang #freeupgrade #lasvegas #cruise #memories

A photo posted by Ben Keen (@bst0ke) on

24. Freebies in general – drinks on arrival, tapas in Spain, wine tastings...

More Sangria, can't get enough ❤️ #sangria #freetapas #granada #Spain A photo posted by Stephanie Caldwell (@steph_caldy) on

25. Jumping the queue at theme parks

The queue never bother us anyway #wristband #expressunlimited #jumpthequeue

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26. Getting that ‘perfect’ Insta shot


– Happy Thanksgiving from the Student Flights & Flight Centre Content Team - a gaggle of well-travelled writer nerds.

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